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How to Get Free Karina Skin Proven

How to Get a Free Karina Skin in Mobile Legends – Hello to all gamer friends, on this occasion the admin will give tips to everyone who definitely want to know how to get Karina Mobile Legend Skin for free?

As we know, Mobile Legends game is one of the most popular games and it is currently played by many people. The players of this mobile legends game also come from different backgrounds and ages, be they children, teenagers, adults or parents who play this mobile legends game as well.

There are many types of heroes in the mobile legend game. From time to time, new heroes are added that are brought out by the developer.

One of the heroes in the Mobile Legends game played by ML players is Karina’s heroine. This hero has been around in the Mobile Legends game for a long time, and up until now Karina’s hero is constantly being updated, both in looks and skills.

With two roles, namely assassin and magician, this one hero has a lot of respect. However, looking at her skills, it can be said that Karina’s heroine is more prone to assassinations, despite the fact that she uses objects magic.

How to get Karina’s skin for free

How to Get Free Karina Skin Epic Starlight Elite

Of course, when you’re a pro with a certain hero, there’s a lot player who uses the hero’s skin to make him look more attractive and look way cooler.

One of these is for those of you who like to use Karina’s hero, do you really want the skin?

There are several skins on Karina’s heroine including Leonas Skin (KOF), Phantom Blade (ELITE), Christmas Carnival (ELITE), Black Pearl (STARLIGHT), Doom Duelist (EPIC), Spider Lily (ELITE) and maybe it will be there is another newest Karina skin update.

Is it possible to get the Karina Mobile Legends skin for free as mentioned above?

Of course I can. Buddy can get Karina’s skin for free without having to spend any money to buy diamonds and get Karina’s luxury skin. Of course, not all Karina skins are available for free, but there are some that are available for free, including the following review.

1. Karina Leona’s skin

This is how you get Karina Leona's skin for free for the latest KOF event

Karina Leona’s skin is 100% free and very easy to get. With the KOF event currently running and limited in time, this Leonen skin can be obtained quickly by completing just a short mission in it. Like the mission to win 1 MVP in Brawl / Classic / Rank and share the result of the game was won 2 times.

For mission King of Fighters (KOF), if the mission has been successfully completed, you will receive 2 stamps for 1 successfully completed mission. You will also receive 1 stamp for each game in Classic / Rank (maximum 4 stamps in 24 hours).

How to get Leona’s skin for free is very simple. You can join the Mobile Legends game, then join the KOF event and then play your stamps one by one. In the 10th attempt Leona’s skin is immediately obtained.

2. Karina Black Pearl skin

How do I get Star Karina Skin Black Pearl Starlight Member for free

Do you want to get Karina’s skin for free? One of the free Karina skins is the Black Pearl skin.

This member’s Black Pearl Starlight skin is quite luxurious and definitely paid for. However, through a long process, the Black Pearl Karina skin can now be obtained for free without having to spend any money to join Starlight.

You can get this free Karina Black Pearl skin by swapping out the rare skin fragments that you have on your Mobile Legends account. Of course you can have this rare skin fragment easily, for those of you who want to know how this rare fragment is abundant and abundant, you can read it here.

To trade it in and get a free Black Pearl skin, you can enter the game Mobile Legends >> Shop >> Fragments >> Rare Skin Fragments >> Karina Black Pearl Skin. There must be at least 200 of these rare fragments to receive a free Star Carina skin.

3. Karina Phantom Blade Skin

How to Get the Karina Elite Phantom Blade Skin for Free

One of heroine Karina’s elite skins that is available for free is the Phantom Blade skin. This phantom blade skin is very much owned by gamers indeed as this skin is available for free on average.

There are only certain times that this Phantom Blade skin is available for free, e.g. B. by gambling and other time-limited events.

However, it can be said that this phantom blade skin appears more often than prizes from Lucky Spins at Lucky Spins than at other events. So make sure you have enough and plenty of tickets. If you want to know more about how many tickets you got in this game, you can read here.

If you don’t have the skin, you can also get the Karina skin for free by Trial cardhis. For this phantom blade skin, the game developer at Mobile Legends is offering a trial version so that every player can enjoy the skin, even if it is not permanent or has a time limit.

4. Karina Christmas Carnival & Spider Lily Skin

How do I get Karina Spider Lily Skin for free

With the use of costumes like at a Christmas party, the Karina Christmas Carnival Skin looks so cool and luxurious. Getting this Christmas Karinas skin seems very easy and not difficult.

But on average, the Mobile Legend game developer only provides this test skin in the form of a test card so that players can’t have this Karina elite skin in full.

Nevertheless, players can feel and enjoy this skin in the form of a test card for free. To try out the test card, you can enter the game Mobile Legends >> Backpack. Well, that’s where you can find the test skin if you have it.

If you want to get and have the complete Karina Christmas Carnival Skin, then you have to buy it in the skin shop area. However, the admin recommends that you buy it when there is a special promotion so it can be a lot cheaper than normal days.

For this Karina Spider Lily Skin, there doesn’t seem to be an event where prizes are given to get this Karina Spider Lily Skin for free. However, it is possible that there will be an event with free spider lily skin prizes in the future.

5. Karina Doom Duelist Skin

How to get the epic Karina Doom Duelist skin for free

You can’t actually get it for free. However, it is possible for the Mobile Legends game to be made available to players for free when a big day is celebrated.

So it can be said that Karina’s Doom Duelist (Epic) skin is not available for free for the time being. However, it is possible to get this skin for free through the lottery.

When the Karina Epic Doom Duelist Skin was just launched in the Mobile Legends Game, there will of course be a free lottery round for the first time. Well, here is the opportunity for players to try their luck. If you are lucky enough, you will definitely get the epic Karina Doom Duelist skin for free and without paying.

This is the discussion about How to Get Karina Mobile Legend Skin for Free what you can know Hopefully this can come in handy for anyone who definitely wants Karina’s hero skin. Greetings players!

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