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How to Get Free Diamonds Zombie Tsunami Guaranteed Success

How do I get zombie tsunami free diamonds? – Hello friends, the admin will take this opportunity to give you all tips on how to get lots of diamonds in the zombie tsunami game for free.

As we know, this zombie tsunami game is very popular with people to play as a leisure filler and as a game against boredom etc.

Another reason this zombie tsunami game is great fun too. On top of that, this zombie tsunami game doesn’t require a quota if you want to play it either, aka it can be played online offline.

In the zombie tsunami game we become zombies and our task is to find as much loot as possible, which is the population. The more residents we gain, the more followers we will have. Then it will surely become very profitable and will be very helpful.

The longer we run as zombies in the zombie tsunami game, the faster our running skills become and of course this is a challenge for everyone. player who play in this game.


In this zombie tsunami game, there are items that are very popular and wanted by users who play this game. One of the most sought after items is Tsunami zombie diamond.

Anyone who has played the zombie tsunami game many times already knows the tsunami zombie diamond and its uses, of course.

The diamonds in this zombie tsunami game have such great uses that it’s no wonder there are so many player looking for ways to get diamonds quickly and widely in the zombie tsunami.

If you want to know how to get tsunami zombie diamonds for free without root, just take a look at some of the tips below.

1. Watch through short videos

How to get free diamond coins and diamonds in the zombie tsunami

Would you like to receive free diamonds in the zombie tsunami? One way that can be used is to watch a short video in the zombie tsunami game according to the requirements of the game.

Buddy will receive some diamonds / diamonds for free when you successfully complete the task of watching the video.

Then where can i do it?

How to do it is very simple, my friend can enter the zombie tsunami playmate and then leave Market >> Diamond Pictures & Coins >> Then Free Diamonds. Please watch the short video which is around 10 to 30 seconds long.

2. Via exchange code

Redeem Free Zombie Tsunami Redemption Code - Zombie Tsunami Code 7271 - Redeem Zombie Tsunami Coupon Code

Another way to get free coins and diamonds in the zombie tsunami is through exchanges Tsunami zombie redemption code / Redeem code Tsunami zombie game.

If you have an exchange code / promo code in the zombie tsunami game, nothing is wrong with trying to exchange it.

By exchanging the promo code on this zombie tsunami, the prizes you get are usually automatically awarded arbitrarily. However, there are usually also free diamonds that can be obtained. How to get this tsunami zombie exchange code is actually quite difficult, even people who get it can be called happy people.

When you have an exchange promo code, the path to redeeming it is not difficult by signing up with. log in Zombie Tsunami Game >> Market >> Picture of Coins & Diamonds >> then select the redemption code which is at the bottom. Then enter the redemption code to receive the prizes included.

3. Through the modified version of the zombie tsunami application

How to cheat zombie tsunami without a root diamond

To get the next free diamond, you can also go through the mod version of the zombie tsunami application. With this modified application, it is usually identified with the zombie tsunami diamond diamond cheat.

In fact, however, it is correct because the application has actually changed. For those of you who want to know how to root cheat diamond zombie tsunami diamonds (no root) then you can download / download the modified zombie tsunami application here.

That way will job for those of you whose phones are not rooted aka no root. So without root, you can still use the mod apk and get lots of free zombie tsunami diamonds.

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This is the discussion about How to get free diamonds in zombie tsunami game without root? 2021 you can try to apply. Hopefully this can be useful to all of you and make the gaming experience more enjoyable. Much luck.

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