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How to Get Free Coins (Double Coins) Subway Surfers

Tricks to Get Free Coins Double Subway Surfer Coins – Subway Subs are included in popular games on Android and occupy the first page in the Playstore. This game is easy and very stressful to play.

How to Get Free Coins (Double Coins) Subway Surfers

This game can also be played offline
Users or players are asked to collect as many coins as possible to unlock new levels and new characters. With lots of games, players can unlock lots of new characters and cool items in this game.

The way to get these coins is to keep playing for a very long time and get tired, or to buy them through the playstore. But I will also share an easy and quick way for free To get free Subway Surfer Coins without using your money to buy, amazingly even, players can buy directly Double coins Subway surfers with Voucher code card free play store. and How to get lots of free Subway Surfers Coins? Interested? Follow the steps below:

Here’s a quick way to get free coins for subway surfers

This method uses a new dollar generating application that is trending now and that has proven that many have been successful with this method. The dollars generated can be exchanged for subway surfer coins, even to buy paid apps and games

  1. First, you need the best application that generates dollars called Whaff Rewards.
  2. Install Whaff Rewards directly from Playstore Buddy, simply search for it in the Playstore search box and install the application.
  3. Open the whaff application and log in with your Facebook account to officially register for a whaff account.
    log in
  4. When you see a code field like the one below, enter Bonus invitation code: AF42795 with code Then you will immediately receive the first free dollar balance bonus of $ 0.300 which will later be exchanged for free subway surfer coins. Opportunity is only one time, if you press cancel, the opportunity will be lost, a field will not appear to enter the code again. Also enter text Captcha right then click “OK
    How to Get Free Coins (Double Coins) Subway Surfers
  5. When it’s time to hunt for dollars and mine as much as you can because the dollar balance in Waff can be exchanged for Coin Subway surfers, how to open the Premium Pick download menu and try out all the apps available. The task is just to download, try and run the task of each application / game application. Then you get between $ 0.2 and $ 1 per application. If you just spend the chores on these picks, you’ve bagged $ 6 and it’s growing. not bad now i can make 6 bucks a day. Remember! Must do To increase the balance. Better yet, try out all of the applications. The more applications you try, the more the dollar balance doubles, if you are careful you prove it.
  6. Examples of trying the Tokopedia application, the task is just to register to create an account and see the sales on Tokopedia, to run the application that is tried every day to get a bonus, the second Example is to try games, the task is to play them up to level 6, remember that the tasks are different, read the description.
    very easy way
  7. Also install Whaff Locker to add dollars and speed up the process as the task is easy. Just open the lockscreen and the results will be combined with whaffreward

  8. Go to the invitation menu and share it on your social media

  9. When you’ve hit $ 12, it’s time to trade them in for Gold Game Ninja Heroes as you hit the Waff logo and select Payout and select Google Play Gift Card again. Please wait 1-2 days. whaff will send you a 20-digit Playstore gift code. Then enter the Playstore in the Reedem menu and enter the 20 Playstore voucher codes earlier.
    How to switch to Google Play Gift

    Get $ 10 Free Playstore Credit

  10. Enter the Subway Surfer game and buy it Double coin according to your dollar balance.
  11. Now it’s easier because it can be exchanged for credit

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