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How to get FF Green Eggs in the newest Free Fire event

How to get green eggs in the newest free fire event – The latest FF event has now arrived, on this occasion the admin will discuss the event, namely how How do I get green eggs in free fire? or how to get there green eggs in the FF.

As we know, the developer or Garena has now introduced a new themed event to welcome and celebrate Easter Wonderland Bunny Eggs Exchange Free Fire.

In this latest FF event, we as players have to collect eggs with different colors, namely red, blue and green, up to 15 eggs with different color compositions.

By collecting and owning these eggs, we can exchange them for various items such as parachutes, skin grenades, bundles, and various other unique prizes. Of course, the way to get every Free Fire Egg is certainly not the same or different.

Wonderland events This latest FF only lasts 1 week, from April 15th to April 23rd, 2021. Knowing that this Easter event has a short time, we as players can collect as many eggs as possible as quickly as possible, be it blue eggs, red eggs or green eggs.

The way to get all the eggs in this free fire event can be called quite difficult where we have to kill all the enemies so that we have to go on adventures in all the locations on the map.

How to get green eggs in FF is still a mystery to some players. As we know, green eggs or this free fire-green egg can be exchanged for items Astronaut bunny costumes as long as you can collect several types of eggs of different colors namely 15 blue eggs, 10 red eggs and 6 green eggs so that they can be exchanged for items from Astronaut Bunny Costumes.


– Red egg

To get free fire red eggs or red egg In this case, the player can get it by going through the coffin if they manage to defeat the enemy. So basically we have to do kill as much as possible to collect a large number of red eggs.

– Blue egg

To get blue eggs in this game, players can find them by exploring all the locations in the game folder Bermuda or Rabid dog. So keep collecting these blue eggs so they can be exchanged for cool items in this free fire.

– Green egg

How do i get green eggs ff or green eggs This is actually still a question and a puzzle for the players as Garena basically has no way to collect it. However, there is a lot of news that says you can get this green egg that you can get it from Air dropHowever, there are many players who say it is difficult to get in this airdrop. There are also players who say they can get green eggs at Booyah.

However, there is nothing to worry about as Garena’s site will likely come up with a solution as soon as possible and even come up with a solution in a couple of days so that players can get it green egg free fire This.

Items that can be exchanged at this FF Egg Event

There are many items that can be exchanged, including Egg Grenade = 15 Blue Eggs, Parachute = 10 Blue Eggs, Rabbit Eggs = 2 Blue Eggs + 2 Red Eggs, Cubic Bunny = 6 Green Eggs, Bundle Watcher 1937 = 15 Blue Eggs + 10 Red Eggs + 6 green eggs. If you want to have all of the skins in the open fire, you can read them here.

That’s roughly how you get eggs in the open fire at the last event in April. Hopefully this can be useful to all of you. Congratulations on collecting as many FF game eggs as you can.

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