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How to get different medals at Hago

How do I get medals in Hago – Who doesn’t know the game Hago? Of course, almost everyone knows the game hago, whether you’ve played it, seen it or heard about it, you must know this unique game too.

How do I get medals on Hago / How do I get medals on Hago

To play this Hago game you have to play online, so it cannot be played while offline. There are a multitude of different unique games in a hago application. The games are pretty much like fun link games, knife throwing, tofu and tempeh, jumping, gold mining, super brilliant quizzes, and dozens of other games. So it won’t get boring playing in this Hago.

Additionally, playing in Hago will make us more enjoyable by being able to play with strangers who will be our opponents in this Hago game. So our opponent is not the computer system, but strangers whom we do not know.

But even more important is this Hago game than a game to make friends. We can make as many friends as possible through random matches and add them as friends when both are comfortable and at ease.

In addition, this game in Hago can also be used to play with our friends and relatives or our family with each other.

One of the functions that hago presents so that users are enthusiastic and enjoy playing is the presentation of the medal function. These medals are awarded to the user as achievement for their accomplishments on a mission. Every user has the opportunity to Getting medals in Hago.

There are many medals in this hago and there are different types of medals. The more medals we can get, the more we beautify our profile in this Hago game.

Hence for those of you who do not understand the types of Hago Medals and want to know how how do i get medals in hago, then below you will see the explanation of how to get medals in Hago, but first I will answer some questions that are common:

What is hago?

Hago is a game application for Android and iOS smartphones that contains many different games in one application.

Can you play Hago offline?

Can not. Hago can only be played online because the game connects us with people other than our opponents and makes it impossible to play offline.

Is it free to play on Hago?

Of course it’s free, you can download and play it for free.

How do I get love on Hago?

to Love in hago, you need to tell your friends or co-stars to give you love by going to your profile area.

Do I have to have an account to play on Hago?

Yes sir. In order to be able to play on Hago, we must first create a Hago account, which can be done by logging in with an email or with a Facebook account.

How do I get medals in Hago

How do I get medals in Hago / How many medals are there in Hago / How do I get medals in Hago

The generous medal

In fact, you can very easily get this generous medal by diligently giving others likes. Give your opponent likes often when the game is over and you will automatically receive the generous medal with no other conditions.

Agile hand medal

Getting a medal here is actually not difficult, but it also depends on each player. Well, in order to receive the Agile Hand Medal, we have to be agile or quick in the movement of our hands. If we are often smart or agile in the game, it is counted and automatically receives an agile hand medal.

Maniac Emoji Medal

If you want to get the Emoji Mania Medal, you will need to use more emojis as you progress through the game. This way, you will automatically receive this type of medal in a short amount of time.

Popular boys medal

If you often give likes to others, ask your opponents to give you likes back as well. This is useful so that you can get that popular boy medal quickly. So to get the popular boys medal we have to get lots of likes from our co-stars.

Ceriwis Wis medal

Of course, there are still many confused about how to get the Cherry Wis medal. You can earn the Cherry Wis Medal yourself if you chat or talk to your opponent frequently through smartphone speakers. So, if you want to get this type of medal, you need to turn on the speaker first and then interact with your opponent by voice.

Strategy genius medal

How do I get a strategy genius medal in Hago that’s pretty easy. All of this also depends on our brain teasers in strategy while playing. The time investment is pretty long too, if that can be said. So if you want to get a genius medal faster at this hago, you have to play in a super brilliant quiz or a right or wrong guessing game.

Bat Gamer Medal

It seems strange, but it can be said that this medal is very easy to get by playing at night for less than a week in a row. If you complete the mission, you will automatically receive this one medal.

Discovery Medal

How to get the Discovery Medal or this adventure can be described as very rare. Why? Because this medal can only be obtained in certain events and is required to win the game 7 times in a row. So if you want to receive it, you can wait for certain events to happen.

Cit Chat Medal

You can get cit-chat medals very easily, namely by multiplying the chat with friends or playing against opponents in Hago. If you actively interact via chat, you will automatically receive this unique medal directly.

Medallion Abis

Make friends and often exchange ideas with other players, this is the way to get a great slang medal. You can easily make and get this medal. Also read: How to easily become a master in the game Hago.

The last word

So you come all kinds of medals hago that you can see and apply. Hopefully this will be useful and it can add to your knowledge of this hago game. Much luck!

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