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How to Get Diamonds or Diamonds in Minecraft PE

Hi crafter’s, how do you get diamonds? To get diamonds in survival or survival mode, it’s not easy, you know, we have to be patient in looking for it.

Diamonds are a rarity in Minecraft with many uses such as for making diamond pickaxes, upgrade tables and making the strongest weapons. Then how and where to get diamonds. Here are ways to get diamonds.

Diamonds in Minecraft

How to Get Diamonds or Diamonds in Minecraft PE

1. Mining

By mining we can get 3 to 6 diamonds. The first thing we have to do before mining is to find a safe place to mine, try not to be near water because it can be difficult for us if water enters the mining area and don’t go near the sand because we can get buried.

Use an iron pickaxe to mine diamonds. This pickaxe is made of 3 iron ingots (Iron Igot) and a stick. Diamonds are usually located at the base or 12 blocks up from the bedrock.

The thing that must be considered when mining is never to mine straight down or up because it will be dangerous for us to be buried or fall into the lava, it is better to mine like a ladder.

After reaching the bottom, immediately mine and with a pattern like the picture below.

Also bring food and torches for lighting.

2. From a Chest
In my opinion, this method is less effective because not all chests that we meet in certain places have diamonds. The chests themselves can be found in villages, zombie houses or other mobs, ancient buildings, ship ruins, nether forts and many more.

3. In the Cave
Caves can be found on cliffs, plains, deserts and even in water. This method can be used if you don’t want to mine. Look for diamonds near the lava at the bottom of the usual cave. Be careful if you are in a cave because many dangers lurk like zombies.

After you get a diamond block through the above methods, burn it in the furnace to become diamonds. To make a furnace, find 9 stones and place them on the crafting table.

That’s how to get diamonds in Minecraft according to what I know.

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