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How to get diamonds in the kitchen frenzy that has proven itself

How to get free diamond diamonds in the kitchen 2021

How to get diamonds into the kitchen frenzy without an app – The games in the Kitchen Frenzy game are certainly not that different from the applications Kochstadt, Kochfieber and Küchenwahn as both have fairly similar themes and gameplay principles, namely cooking and trading.

Game theme “arcade“Of course, this kitchen frenzy game can spark public interest, especially the interest of children and teenagers.

The cooking games that this kitchen game offers are certainly very interesting. The players here act as a cook who has to serve every customer who comes.

Cooking takes speed and precision when buyers keep coming back. If it is too long, the buyer gets angry and leaves the restaurant, causing us losses.

Of course, just like other similar games, this kitchen frenzy also makes use of the use of special items that are applied to each player of the game application. These items like energy, coins, keys and diamonds.

The four elements each have their respective uses. However, in terms of usage, diamonds are one of the most sought after and sought after items from this kitchen lawn player.

This diamond or diamond has a multifunctional use in the kitchen frenzy game application. The Kitchen Frenzy Game or other names, Kochwahnsinn, uses diamonds as a virtual currency for every purchase of goods.

Then the question is How do I get diamonds into the kitchen frenzy? can you get it for free? and is it possible to get it without cheat or legally?

All of this is answered by different ways to get diamonds in the kitchen that you can try and follow below.

1. Quit the game

How to get diamonds without cheats or illegally

One who can give coins, keys and diamonds for free in this kitchen frenzy game is completing the game.

When you complete a game here, you will receive multiple items as prizes. Well, one of the items included is a diamond.

Players who complete a game well will be rewarded with 2 free diamonds. The more games you successfully complete, the more diamonds you can get for free.

2. Link your Facebook account

Cooking Madness Diamond Free No Cooking Madness Game Cheats

Linking a Facebook account to the kitchen frenzy allows players to receive a number of diamonds for free, which of course is no small amount.

Players who have a Facebook account certainly have the opportunity to get diamonds for free. But please note that there is only one opportunity to receive free diamonds here, namely when you link your Facebook account to the kitchen frenzy game for the first time.

In order to link a Facebook account in this Kitchen Frenzy, the players can do this very easily by going to the main page of the Kitchen Frenzy game and then selecting the function with the image of the Facebook logo at the top left.

Then click on the function and connect it to your Facebook account. My friend is given a number of diamonds for linking to a Facebook account.

3. Buying the diamonds

How to get free diamonds in the kitchen frenzy

If you want to have a large number of diamonds without being tired then the last solution you can possibly do is buy them with money.

Of course, this method is not free, although there are certainly many diamonds that one can obtain.

To buy it, players can use the diamond then click “+“and select the price and number of diamonds you want to buy. There are several options for the face value and number of diamonds ready to buy.

Starting with the smallest face value, namely 100 diamonds for $ 0.99 (14 thousand), 600 diamonds for $ 4.99 (70 thousand), to the largest, which is 14,400 diamonds (1.4 million rupiah). In the meantime, the payment method can be by credit, Google Play gift cards, or credit / debit cards.

This is roughly how you get diamonds into the kitchen craze you can do. Of course, if you want to get one for free, we’ll have to put a little effort into it. While those are paid for, we can get them in bulk straight away, but we have to be willing to spend money to get them. Hopefully this brief piece of information can be of use to all of you. Those are just a few of the ways you can apply, good luck.

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