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How to get clothes in Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley

Clothing with white and blue is the color of clothing that is identical to that used by the main characters of almost the entire Harvest Moon series. However, it is different from the Harvest Moon series. [HoLV] because in the series [HoLV] You can replace the main clothes with other color clothes.


There are at least 2 other types of clothes that you can use, namely red black and white plaid, but unfortunately these two clothes cannot be purchased like other items but to use the two clothes you have to get them first in a certain way.

How to get clothes in Harvest Moon [HoLV]

1. Upgrade the house.
By upgrading your house, you will get a new room that contains a kitchen complete with bathroom, toilet and what you are looking for is red and black clothes.

To use these clothes, you just go in and take a shower in the bathroom and when you come out you have changed the color of your clothes.

For those who don’t know how to upgrade your house, you can upgrade using 50 lumber and 10,000 G at Woody Carpentery.

2. Complete The Tale of Harvest Goddess Event.
After you finish The Tale of Harvest Goddess Event, come to Clove Villa on Spring 1 of year 3. There you will get white and green plaid clothes from Gina as an expression of gratitude because you have helped her complete the event.

To use the clothes you get from Gina, the method is not much different from the clothes you get from upgrading your house.

Well, that’s how to get clothes in Harvest Moon [HoLV]If you see clothes other than those mentioned above, it means it uses a mod, for example, looks like a Naruto character.

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