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How to get Alok with the latest gold 2021

How to get Alok with the latest gold 2021

On this occasion, Carakute will provide a tutorial on how to get Alok with Gold, which is the latest method in 2021 that we can use.

As we know it takes some diamonds, which for some people including myself personally, can be quite expensive to get to Alok. Therefore, this method is very suitable to use.

Why Should You Get Alok?

Do you often play lack of medication? Especially when playing Clash Squad, which only comes with two medkits, as we have to buy with money that should be bought for more useful things like vests or weapons.

Because of this, Alok’s character is here to support our game. Alok has an ability that can add extra blood to the character of Alok himself. Not immediately full, but this skill is very rewarding.

Knowing the benefits of the Alok skill, which is so useful in our game, it is imperative to have this character. Don’t worry about the price itself, here is how to get free Alok characters.

How do I get Alok with gold

How to get Alok with the latest gold 2021

I used to look for different ways to get Alok for free, now there is a way to get it with just gold. So make sure you only have at least 1000 gold.

After trying this method only takes 500 gold to buy Alok so we used to have to use diamonds, now we can buy with gold. And the price is very cheap because with 500 gold we can have a very cool character.

Okay, you don’t have to talk a lot, let’s just get to the tutorial. Before doing that, however, make sure you have a character that you already have and have at least one character that was also bought with gold. So this tutorial is going to try out the bugs in the FF application.

  1. First, open the Free Fire application
  2. Then go to the shop menu
  3. Open the character menu and select the character you previously owned
  4. Follow the video tutorial below for more details

How to get the latest gold on Alok after yesterday’s update. Hopefully it can still work if friends see and practice this tutorial. But remember, this is just a bug, so it may not work 100%.

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