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How to Fix Elytra Wings in Minecraft PE

Elytra wings are rare items that cannot be crafted but have durability. As we know items that have durability will be destroyed when their durability runs out.

However, it is different from the elytra wing because this item is not destroyed but when durability reaches number one it just cannot be used and waits for repair so that it can be reused.

Well, for those of you who don’t know about repairing elytra wings, gamelmit will discuss it.

How to Fix Elytra Wings in Minecraft PE

1. Added Phantom Membrane

Phantom membrane is an item that can be obtained by defeating phantom mobs. When you add elytra wings and phantom membrane to the anvil, it can repair it. Each phantom membrane will improve 108 durability at a cost of 1 xp. This method is also a substitute for leather in the previous version.

2. Merge 2 Wings of Elytra

Combining 2 elytra wings on a crafting table, grindstone, or anvil can also repair elytra wings that have run out of durability. By calculating the durability of the first elytra wing plus the second elytra wing and 5% of the elytra wing. So this method can be considered an expensive way because apart from having to sacrifice one elytra wing can also lose the enchant effect on elytra wings when doing it on the crafting table.

3. Giving Mending Enchant

The last way that can be done to repair the elytra wings is to give an enchantment mending (repair) using the enchantmant table or enchant book to the elytra wings. This method is quite practical because it makes you don’t have to go back and forth to repair it on the crafting table or anvil. Because the elytra wings are repaired automatically automatically by consuming the xp you get.

Those are some of the ways you can fix elytra wings in Minecraft PE.

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