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How to Download and Play Harvest Moon Back To Nature on Android

Harvest Moon Back To Nature is one of the popular Harvest Moon series in its time, namely the PS1 console era. But unfortunately PS1 is now rarely found so for those of you who want to be nostalgic or who have never played the Harvest Moon BTN game, don’t worry, because you can play it on Android.


But before that, you must have an emulator app. What is an emulator? An emulator is an application that is used to help you play Harvest Moon BTN later on Android.

There are many types of emulators, but because to play Harvest Moon BTN you can use the PS1 emulator or better known as ePSXe. You can download the ePSXe emulator and the Harvest Moon BTN file first so you can play on Android.

Download Harvest Moon Back To Nature and ePSXe + Bios

There are 2 Harvest Moon BTN files that you can download and play, namely the English and Indonesian versions. For the Indonesian version, the translation is good, although sometimes there are still errors and bugs, but that’s okay, it’s still understandable.

For those of you who want to download it, you can go through the following link Harvest Moon English version and Indonesian version.

As for the ePSXe emulator, you can download it through the play store, but you can also download ePSXe here and the Bios here.Make sure when downloading Bios has a bin format or suffix.

How to Play Harvest Moon Back To Nature on Android

After downloading the Harvest Moon BTN and ePSXe + Bios files, you can’t play them immediately. Because the Harvest Moon files above are still in 7z and rar format so it takes a few more steps to actually play them. But if you’ve downloaded it in bin or iso format can directly jump to step number 2.

Here are the steps to play Harvest Moon BTN on Android.

1. Extract the Harvest Moon BTN file that you downloaded above. You can use zArchiver or other applications that can be used to extract it.

The extracted BTN Harvest Moon file will be in the form of a bin format for the English one and iso for the Indonesian one.

2. If the Harvest Moon file has been extracted, install the ePSXe emulator directly.
3. After successfully installed, open or run ePSXenya.
4. Select “Run Bios“, make sure you have downloaded the bios and saved it in storage.

Then the bios scan screen will appear from your storage. Wait a few moments until the bios is successfully configured and ok.

5. Next after the bios is successfully configured select “Run Game“.

Then the scan will appear again but this time it is a scanning process or looking for files with bin or iso format. All games with bin or iso format and can be run with ePSXe will appear. Likewise, Harvest Moon BTN which has been extracted at the beginning will appear.

6. After the scanning process is complete and you have successfully found the Harvest Moon BTN game. You just have to select or click the Harvest Moon BTN game to enter the game and congratulations you have successfully played Harvest Moon BTN on Android.

To widen the screen you can go to settings, go to screen comparison and select wide screen. While other settings you can adjust according to your taste.

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