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How to Create NRE Food Shortcuts (Menu 30)

NRE (Menu 30) is a new feature released by Genshin Impact in patch 1.1. NRE (Menu30) can make you eat food without opening your bag again. with the NRE (Menu30) it makes it easier for players and no longer opens bags just to heal or eat food.

With NRE (Menu30) you can eat any food, whether it’s food that restores HP or even adds stamina. but the NRE feature (Menu30) is usually used for food shortcuts only.

How to get NRE (Menu30)?

To get NRE (Menu30) you need 20 Lizard Tail, 20 Chaos Circuit and 50 Electo Crystal.

How to get Lizard Tail?

You can get Lizard Tail by capturing Lizard in the wild. They roam a lot around the bushes. You can also get Lizard Tail by destroying Bush or existing bushes.

Tips: If you destroy the bushes and you fail to get the Lizard, use a remote teleport and return to where the Lizard you saw, the Lizard will return to Spawn.

How to get Chaos Circuit?

You can get Chaos Circuit from the Ruin Guard, you can investigate the Ruin Guard, so you must be easy to get it.

Use the Bow to destroy the Ruin Guard’s weak points to defeat it faster.

Ruin Guard has 2 weak points, in front and behind.

You can also get Chaos Circuit from Crafting. Use 3 Chaos Devices and you will get 1 Chaos Circuit.

How to get Electro Crystals?

You can get Electro Crystals in many places on the mountainside. You can also find lots of Electo Crystals in Stormterror (Dvalin).

Use the Pyro element to destroy the Electro Crystal.

If you have got the materials, go to any Blacksmith and make NRE (Menu30).

You can use NRE (Menu30) Permanently and it will not disappear when you eat food.

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