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How to Color Sheep in Minecraft PE

In minecraft we only find sheep with white, black, brown and gray colors. Actually we can change the color if we are tired of seeing the usual colors. In this post I will explain how to color the sheep.

First What we have to do is look for the dye (dye). The dye is obtained from the natural surroundings such as flowers, lapiz lazuli, red sweet potato, bone, squid ink and cocoa beans. To produce the dye we must first craft it at the manufacturing table.

The dye will follow the color of the material, for example yellow flowers will produce yellow, except for certain colors that must combine colors. Likewise when applied to sheep.

Next when we have got the dye, just apply it to the sheep we choose. Approach the sheep until it says dye (dye) and then click it, the sheep will change color according to the dye we use.

Coloring sheep is very useful because when we want to make items with wool we don’t have to dye the wool because we have dyed the sheep according to the color we want. Good luck.

That’s how to color a sheep in Minecraft PE.

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