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How to Collect Wishes and Primogems in Genshin Impact

One of the fun parts of Genshin Impact is collecting new characters and weapons. But to get it you have to use the gacha, quest, or 'Wish' system which is random and has the potential to cost money.

Wish can only be obtained using items called Acquaint Fate and Intertwined Fate. If you don't have both, you can buy them using Primogems or Genesis Crystals.

But to get one Acquaint Fate or Intertwined Fate it takes 160 Primogems. So you have to have a lot of Primogems to buy Acquaint Fate or Intertwined Fate if you want to get Wish to collect as many characters and weapons as possible. It's a little bit complicated.

Don't worry, because there are many ways to get Primogems and Wish for free without spending any money. Here are six easy ways to collect Wish and Primogems in Genshin Impact.

How to Collect Wishes and Primogems in Genshin Impact

1. Complete quests

The easiest way to get Primogems and other rewards in Genshin Impact is to complete quests that are part of the main story.

The rewards obtained from quests do vary from mission to mission, but at least by completing the main story you can get enough Primogems to buy Acquaint Fate and Intertwined Fate which are useful for getting Wishes.

2. Daily login

Genshin Impact has a reward system that players can get just by logging in every day. The prizes given are different every day, but on the third day you can get 100 Primogems and on the seventh day you get 200 Primogems. Not bad, in a week you can get 300 Primogems just by logging in.

3. Find chests and the Shrine of Depths

As you explore the vast world of Genshin Impact, don't forget to find and open the scattered chests or treasure chests. Usually the treasure chest contains some Primogems in it.

The Shrine of Depths in Mondstadt and Liyue also has a Precious-level treasure map inside which is guaranteed to contain lots of interesting items, including Primogems.

4. Daily commission

Once you reach Adventure Level 12 in Genshin Impact, players will earn Daily Commissions. Players will be given four commissions each day for completing different tasks. Once all commissions are completed, you will get bonus items, including Primogems.

5. Find the location of Teleport and Statues of the Seven

Genshin Impact players can also find and activate Teleport points and Statues of the Seven scattered throughout Teyvat. The Statue of Seven can not only restore the character's health level, but also grant Primogems if the level is increased.

6. Complete the domain and The Abyss

Genshin Impact has several domains which when unlocked will present a short challenge against monsters. If you have reached Adventure Rank 20, players will get a new domain called The Abyss.

The rewards obtained by completing domains and The Abyss are quite abundant, so the chances of you getting Primogems to exchange for Wishes are very high.

If you have collected enough Primogems through the methods above, you can exchange them for Acquaint Fate and Intertwined Fate through Paimon's Bargains, one of the shops in the game. Both items can be purchased by exchanging 160 Primogems.

If you can't wait to use Wish and collect characters, there is also a faster way but you have to spend some money. You can buy Genesis Crystals at Genshin Impact with prices starting from USD 0.99 for 60 crystals which can then be exchanged for Primogems at a 1:1 ratio.

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