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How to change your name on Tinder with ease

How to change the name in the Tinder 2021 app

How to change the name on Tinder – The Tinder application is usually used by people who are interested in partnering / making new friends or finding new people online through this Tinder application.

By subject “Chat and dating“The Tinder application is indeed very suitable for those who are entertaining and want to make as many new friends as possible, because the Tinder application allows users to interact with each other when they like each other.

It’s been more than 6 years since the Tinder application was released and to date has received more than 100 million downloads with a rating of 4.0.

In addition to the Tinder application, there is now a similar application that is almost similar to the Tinder application, namely the Tantan application. Between the Tinder and Tantan applications, both have almost the same similarity in some functions.

However, they are both good and suitable for those of you interested in making new friends online.

When registering for the Tinder application for the first time, users must use social media such as Facebook or a phone number to create their Tinder account.

After that, users have to enter additional data (if using a phone number) such as name, gender and other personal data. Well, in this Tinder application, once you have successfully created an account and filled in bio data like name and gender, users will no longer be able to replace some of the contents of their personal data, including one Surname.

We will not find the possibility to change the name in this Tinder application directly. This is what sometimes confuses Tinder app users, wondering how to change the name on their Tinder account.

So, if you are one of the users of the Tinder application who want to change the name but you don’t know where to find the menu to change the name, you can follow the solution to change which is explained below.


(For those who signed up for Tinder on Facebook)

If you register with Tinder with your Facebook account, you can change your name to Tinder by changing the name on your Facebook account.

Since the Tinder account you use to register with Tinder will basically use a Facebook account, any name change you make will be tracked by the Tinder application.

To change the name on your Tinder account, you must first change the name on your Facebook account. In less than 24 hours after you changed your name on your Facebook account, the name on your Tinder account will also change to the exact same name as your Facebook account.

(For those who signed up for Tinder with a phone number)

Unlike those who register with a Facebook account, when registering with a phone number (cell phone number) there is no way to change your name at all on Tinder.

However, there is one solution you can try to change your Tinder account name, which is through Delete your Tinder account first yours, then log in again with the same phone number.

This method is recommended by the developers of the Tinder application for users who want to change the name of their Tinder account as there is no way to change the name there.

Please note, however, that when you delete a Tinder account, all data stored there will also be deleted. That means, when you register again, everything will start over. So my friend can consider this first.

To delete your Tinder account, you can do this in Profile >> Settings, then scroll down and click Delete account >> Delete my account. Then log in to my friend again as you did the first time and fill in the name and all the necessary data according to your wishes.

Info: This is how you can easily play in the Tantan application.

That is the discussion of how to change your name on Tinder that you can try to apply for. Hopefully this information can be useful and helpful to all users of the Tinder application.

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