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How to change the PUBG Mobile Quick Chat to Japanese

How to change PUBG Mobile quick chat to Japanese – games that haveBattle Royale genre what is pretty popular in 2021 is the game PUBG Mobile. So this time around, the admin will have a good opportunity to discuss a little about the PUBG Mobile game, namely how to switch the quick chat voice or the PUBG quick chat voice to Japanese.

As we know, the PUBG Mobile game has been in the spotlight lately because of several issues related to the game’s plot. Even so, the PUBG Mobile game remains the flagship of gamers who are satisfied with this type of game Battle Royale.

The PUBG Mobile game can not only be played via a PC, but also via a game only Smartphone. While it can be played on a cell phone, there are of course certain cell phone specifications that can be used to play the PUBG Mobile game, namely those that have at least 2GB of RAM.

Why is that?

That’s because the PUBG Mobile game is pretty big at 1.8GB. However, the reason most people prefer this game is because the graphics look more realistic compared to other similar game applications.

Playing in the PUBG game is very exciting indeed. In addition, the functions in it are quite good. Well, one of the features in PUBG Mobile that is very widely used by PUBG gamers is quick chat.

Fast chat or quick chat in this PUBG Mobile game has its own functions and uses. function quick chat it can be said as a substitute when you don’t want to use sound or a microphone.

There are many font / voice choices that have been made available and ready for us. However, on average, the fast chat naturally uses English, so can you use other languages ​​besides English?


There are also plenty of PUBG Mobile gamers out there who are curious and want to know how to change PUBG quick chat in Japanese. So, if you are one of those gamers who wants to know how to switch it to Japanese, here are some simple steps you can follow. Okay, so here’s how to change PUBG’s quick chat / quick chat to Japanese.

1. First of all, of course, you need to download the Japanese voice first. You can download it here directly.

2. The next step is to have an extraction application called. download Zarchiever. Please download it directly from the Playstore (Android) or Appstore (iOS / iPhone) to your mobile phone.

3. Then open the app Zarchiever you just downloaded, then find the Japanese language file you just downloaded.

4. Then extract the file via tab Unpack here.

5. When you have completed the steps in point 4, copy the folder now SaveGamesit’s closed Device storage >> Android >> DATA >> com.tencent.ig >> Files >> EA4Game >> ShadowTrackerExtra >> Saved, = Paste the folder you just copied here. Then click on all files and then select OK. If you want to know how to have multiple uc in PUBG, you can read here.

That’s roughly how you change quick chat / PUBG Mobile Voice Chat Global Version in Japanese. Hopefully this can come in handy for all PUBG players. Much luck.

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