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How to change profile photo in Hago Game

How to change profile photo in Hago 2021 game – Hago is a mobile application that we can easily find in the Playstore (Android) and in the Appstore (iOS).

There are different types of games in the Hago application. Application users can play any type of game contained in it freely and for free as long as the device used is connected to an internet connection.

At just 48MB in size, Hago can be said to be one of the right choices for those who have low-spec devices.

In addition, the use of the data quota by the Hago game is also low, so it doesn’t take up much of your data quota.

When we play games on Hago we have to match first. If we play alone, we will hang out with strangers we don’t know. The stranger can be a co-star and can also be a chat buddy.

In accordance with the theme displayed by the Hago application, namely: play the game find friends, it turns out that the Hago application can be used as a place to socialize and make new friends.

In order to become closer friends with their Hago friends, players usually post their profile photos so that their profiles are visible to friends and other Hago players.

The installation of a profile photo on Hago is actually recommended by Hago. Well it is very easy to install / change a profile photo on Hago. However, there are obstacles that some players sometimes encounter when trying to change their profile photo on Hago, such as: B. Not knowing the location or the location of the change profile photo feature.

Well, if you are unsure how to change your profile photo, you can follow the simple steps outlined below. How to change your profile photo in the Hago app.


1. First, my friend, first open the Hago application, then the profile picture tab in the top left.

How to change photos on hago

2. Then tap your profile picture.

How to edit the Hago profile photo

3. Then select the Edit profile function in the upper right corner.

How to change Hago photos

4. To change the profile photo, you can add a tab to the camera image. Then you can choose whether you want to take photos directly or via the gallery. Select the photo that you want to use as your profile photo, then tap Select then the profile photo changes immediately.

How to change photos on hago

If you only want to add photos that are only displayed on the second page after the profile photo, then you can select the option “+“, which is located under the camera image function.

Info: How to delete a profile photo on Hago.

That’s it How to change profile photo in Hago game what you can do right now. Hopefully this can help all of you who are having issues / confusion regarding changing profile photos on Hago.

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