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How to change Indonesian in zombie tsunami game

How to change Indonesian in zombie tsunami game – One game that in my opinion never gets boring is Zombie Tsunami. This zombie tsunami game has been released for a long time and so far the number of downloaders is growing rapidly, even now it has reached more than 100 million downloads.

It means that this game is very popular with the people, even I myself am very interested in playing this zombie tsunami game.

So far, I’m still playing in the zombie tsunami game. I don’t know why I am so comfortable in this zombie tsunami game or maybe because the game feels so exciting and doesn’t get boring, that makes this game an option to fill my free time.

Playing the role of a zombie and running through the obstacles looking for followers, this is the kind of zombie tsunami game. The longer we hold out, the more advanced the escape will be.

This game has many advantages. One of them that we can play offline doesn’t require an internet data quota. In addition, there are other advantages, namely the graphics display that is quite good in my opinion.

But you could say that there is a little difficulty in playing this zombie tsunami game which is how to use the language.

In fact, we will be using English by default when we are currently playing or for the first time in this game. This may not be a problem for some players, especially those who speak English well.

However, on the downside, this is going to be a little difficult for those who are not very fluent or proficient in English, including me who really don’t understand all of the English words I can understand.

How to change Indonesian in zombie tsunami game

So if you are having trouble using English in this game, you can change it to Indonesian. This way we can more easily identify the elements and each of their tasks.

How to change English to Indonesian in Zombie Tsunami.

1. Of course, you have to enter your zombie tsunami game first.

2. After entering the Zombie Tsunami home page, select the section transmission or the settings which is located in the top right next to Facebook. If you want more clarity you can see the arrows as shown below.

How to change the Indonesian zombie tsunami

3. If so, enter a new view, choose Language DE.

How to change zombie tsunami language

4th There you keep selecting until the flag changes to the Indonesian flag, which is red and white. In this way, all the words displayed will automatically change to Indonesian.

How to change zombie tsunami language

So it’s very simple, isn’t it? Also Read: How To Easily Complete Missions In The Zombie Tsunami.

Therefore How to change Indonesian in zombie tsunami game. Hopefully this will be useful to you and you can change the language as you wish. Much luck.

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