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How to change BBM account for Android without flashing Android phone

How to change BBM account without blinking Android phone – Everyone has to want to change a BBM account, which is certainly looking for an uncomplicated way
without flashing the Android phone or reinstalling the Android operating system on the same phone. If you flash it, all applications and data installed through the Playstore will be lost.

How to change BBM account for Android without flashing HP Android cover

Sometimes we want to sell our mobile phones and we need to deactivate our BBM account without losing the installed application so that the buyer can enjoy the installed application and change the BBM account to the buyer’s property.

The way the author shares is the basic knowledge of using Android and not all Android users know it. And every new fuel account on the same Android phone definitely changes the PIN, if you want to adjust the BBM pin, there is already a function read article How to create custom BBM Pins for free without paying

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Here is an article on how to change BBM Android account without flash

How to change BBM account for Android without Flash Android

  1. Open the app settings on Android
    change setting bbm account without flash
  2. Select the menu area APPS and look for the BBM application
  3. Then choose “delete data” Or “delete data” Or “delete data“and press OK.
  4. Open the BBM application, you will be automatically prompted to create a new account or sign in with a new account or the same account.

It’s very easy to change an Android BBM account without flashing Android
when you are ready to share this article with your friends so that your friends know about Android.

Now you can easily change your BBM account, no need to ask an expert, and no need to worry about losing your data.

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