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How to change battle chat words in Mobile Legends

How to change battle chat words in mobile legend – Mobile Legend is an online game based on the Moba genre, which has become very popular and is played by people from different circles.

The reason this game is very popular may be because the game that can be played with friends is 5v5. This way, you will certainly not get bored as there will always be friends to play with.

Additionally, another reason may be that the graphics in Mobile Legend are also quite supportive and pleasing to the eye. Other things that make us very exciting here are the skins and heroes, who have different unique abilities.

How to change battle chat on mobile legends

On the one hand, battles can be much more exciting if we can use unique words or chat battles with quick reaction.

The purpose of the quick response of this fight chat is to maximize the game and support each other. It’s even easier to interact with other teams.

We can set the chat, change it, or change the text chat fight depending on what we want to use. Replacing it here doesn’t mean we can replace it with our own words however we want, but there are various text chats already provided by the mobile legend. Also read: tips to keep you from losing and keep playing the ranked mobile legend.

You can choose what you think is capable of creating a mutually supportive atmosphere among your teammates. In addition, you can also use them that you think are more important and need more in battle.

However, what you also need to know is that this quick reply text chat only has seven texts that you can only use when you are in combat. So use whatever suits you or suits you. Also read: How to get many of them mobile legend tickets quickly.

For those who don’t know how How to change or change the words of legend mobile battle chat, or how to change the quick chat for the mobile legend, here are the replacement steps to follow.

How to change battle chat in Mobile Legend

1. Of course, you have to enter the Mobile Legends game first.

2. From the game’s home screen, select ‘preparation“Which is at the bottom left.

3. Then several options appear, you can choose ‘quick response“By tapping on it.

How to change battle chat on mobile legends

4th Then several chats will appear, selected by default by Mobile Legends. You can change it by ‘substitute‘.

If you choose to replace, a custom chat area will appear. Here you can change the chat you want in the category area defend, attack, and communication. Choose chat words that better support you and your teammates’ struggles.

Up here means you can change the battle chat on mobile legends. So you can change it to your liking.

If you want to know how to chat anything via mobile legends, including chatting with enemies / opponents, all you have to do is join the game without having to set up the chat. The option to chat enemies in this ml is to enter the game Cell phone legends Then immediately start the match, whether it is rankings, classics or brawl, then select the chat on the right and change the text from team to Everyone.

That way, your opponent can immediately see your chat and your team can still see you chat. Not difficult, is it? Also Read: How To Get A Rare Mobile Legend Skin Fragment Quickly.

That’s the whole tutorial on changing battle chat words in mobile legends. Hopefully this is useful and can make your game more fun.

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