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How to buy diamonds from Hago with credit

How to buy diamonds from Hago with credit – Hago is an application that consists of different types of games that can now be played easily and for free by simply stepping through a game Smartphone (Android and iOS).

The application, which was released in no more than 2 years, now takes the position of a popular and highly sought after application. This Hago application is also open to the general public so everyone can enjoy every game included in it.

Playing in the Hago game will not be boring, because in this game we play individually on-line That means that we don’t just play alone, but also against people we don’t know personally or locally.

Of course, this is an opportunity for people to get to know each other and make new friends in cyberspace just by going through an application.

Apart from the fact that you can have a lot of friends here, the games in it are of course also very exciting. Usually people play this hago game mainly to make a lot of friends in cyberspace and some of them do hago game as leisure filler.


How to buy diamonds on Hago with credit / How to buy diamonds on Hago with credit / How to load diamonds with Hago diamonds

Well, if we talk about the Hago game, it certainly cannot be separated from an item contained in it, namely diamond or diamond hago.

There were previously no diamonds to buy in this Hago game, but for some reason the digital currency for the Hago game has been officially enforced recently.

Apart from that, of course, these items also have many uses. So if you want to buy Hago diamonds, you can follow a combination of simple and easy steps to buy Hago diamonds with credit (XL, Axis, 3, im3, Telkomsel, Indosat, Smartfren, etc.)


1. Please open your hago application first. Then the tab for the profile photo area is on the top left of the homepage of the hago game. Then you can select options here wallet.

How to buy hago diamonds with debit balance on ios android

3. Then choose how much diamond you want to buy. Then you click Keep going.

How to Buy Free Hago Diamonds With No Illegal or Hago Diamond Cheats

4. Then select the payment method with credit according to your operator credit.

How to buy diamonds in Hago easily without illegal fraud or diamond cheats

5. Then click activatethen the next step you can do is transfer the balance and follow the combination of steps. Complete.

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This is roughly how you buy credits in the Hago game with credits that you can apply for. Of course, in addition to credit, you can also use several other payment methods to purchase this Hago diamond, namely via a credit or debit card and via a Google Play code voucher. That’s the whole discussion about how to buy hago diamonds with credit, good luck.

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