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How to Be Sick and Lively! This is the Recommendation for Build Hero Wanwan in Mobile Legends

Wanwan is a hero Marksman with extraordinary abilities. And, not a few players too Mobile Legends who said if he became one of the most hero Overpowered.

However, if you want to use this one hero. Here we will provide a list of the strongest and sickest builds Wanwan.

Let’s just go ahead without further ado, check the list below.

Wanwan Mobile Legends

Build Wanwan Strongest and Hurt

1. Corrosion Scythe

For the first item Wanwan, you can buy Attack items Corrosion Scythe.

With this one attack item, Wanwan can receive an additional +50 Physical Attack, +5% Movement Speed, and +25% Attack Speed.

Corrosion Scythe also has a unique passive that slows enemies by 30%.

2. Windtalker

Second, you can buy items Windtalker.

Where, this item can help increase attack damage Wanwan in the early game.

Because it will give an additional +40% Attack Speed, +20 Movement Speed, and +10% Critical Chance.

3. Queen’s Wings

After buying Attack items, next you can buy Defense items Queen’s Wings.

This item can add +15 Physical Attack, +1000 HP, and +10% Cooldown Reduction for Wanwan.

Interestingly, thanks to its unique passive, Wanwan can reduce the damage taken by 40% when he has HP below 40%.

4. Blade of Despair

When entering the late game, you can use items Blade of Despair for the fourth item Wanwan.

Where, this item can provide an additional +160 Physical Attack and +5% Movement Speed.

Blade of Despair also has a unique passive that can increase Physical Attack by 25% for 2 seconds when Wanwan have HP below 50%.

5. Demon Hunter Sword

For the fifth item, you can use items Demon Hunter Sword.

With this item, Wanwan can increase his attack damage.

Because, Demon Hunter Sword can add +35 Physical Attack and +25% Attack Speed.

6. Athena’s Shield

And the last item Wanwan, you can use Defense items Athena’s Shield.

Where, this item can provide additional +900 HP, +62 Magical Defense, and +4 HP Regen.

In addition, his unique passive can also reduce Magic Damage received by 25% for 5 seconds.

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So, that was the list of the strongest and sickest Wanwan build recommendations in Mobile Legends 2021.

How about you, are you interested and want to try the Wanwan build recommendations above? Thank you, hopefully useful.

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