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How to Barter with Piglin in Minecraft PE

Piglin is one of the mobs added in the nether v1.16 update. They are dangerous mobs and will attack immediately when they see us. Then, how do you barter with piglins if they meet them they will attack immediately?


Now for those of you who don’t know, there’s something interesting about piglins, namely that they really like gold. This makes the barter process possible with piglins when you have them. gold ingot.

However, because piglin mobs are dangerous, a way is needed to stay safe in bartering. And here’s how to barter with piglins.

How to Barter with Piglin in Minecraft PE

Wearing Gold Armor

Wearing gold armor is the answer to the question above, because this way you can approach the piglin to barter. As mentioned earlier, piglins like gold. So wearing gold armor makes the piglin that was about to attack turn neutral. (will attack when attacked first) for seeing gold.

Although you can also make a neutral piglin simply by holding items made of gold, but to be safer and easier in the barter process, you better wear gold armor. You don’t need to use all of them, choose one for example a golden helmet.

Finding Piglin

The next step is to find piglins. You can find piglins in the nether precisely in the crimson forest or bastion remnant. Be careful when looking for piglins because even though you have used gold armor to avoid piglin attacks. You are not necessarily spared from other dangerous mobs that inhabit the nether.

So you need to bring weapons just in case or potions as support.

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Barter with Piglin

After wearing gold armor and finding the piglin it’s time to barter with it. There are 2 ways you can do to barter with piglin, namely:

First step

Hold the gold ingot that you have and approach the piglin, it will say “Barter“.

Tap the barter text to give one gold ingot. Then, wait a while because the gold ingot you give needs to be checked by the piglin.

Only after the inspection is complete, the piglin will randomly throw items that you can pick up.

Second Way

Throw the gold ingots that you have. Then, the piglins that are around you will immediately run to pick up the gold ingots that you throw and examine them.

After finishing checking for gold ingots, the piglin will throw its barter items at random.

This second method is perfect for those of you who don’t like being complicated like the first method. Because in the second way, you can throw or give gold ingots in large quantities.

You don’t have to worry about the large number of gold ingots because all the gold ingots that you throw will be checked one by one by the piglin and will provide an item for each gold ingot it checks.

So, the more piglins you have around you and the gold ingots you throw, the faster the items you will get.

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