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How to Apply and Get Married in Harvest Moon [HoLV]

There are many reasons or goals to be achieved when playing Harvest Moon [HoLV]For example, what is interesting is having a partner or getting married. Well, getting married can be done by playing Harvest Moon [HoLV].

However, before you can get married you must meet some of the requirements needed first. Here are the requirements to be able to get married in Harvest Moon [HoLV].


Terms of Marriage in Harvest Moon [HoLV]

1. Years 3+

The first requirement to get married is time. You can only get married when you are in your 3rd year or more.

2. The girl to be married must have 6 hearts or be red
To increase your heart, you can give the girls likes or complete events related to girls. More details about increasing FP or girls’ likes can be read in the following previous post.

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3. Upgrading the house
Before getting married, your house must have a new kitchen, bathroom, and bed which you can buy at Woody Carpentry. Special beds can only be purchased during the 3rd year.

4. Complete girl-related events
This requirement is special and must if you want to marry the Harvest Goddess (The Tale of the Harvest Goddess Temple) and Alice (Shoot for the Star), while other girls are not required.

5. Have the highest FP at the end of year 2 (Harvest Goddess only)
Having the highest FP or no girl higher in FP than the Harvest Goddess is a necessary condition for marrying her because that condition is a condition where the Harvest Goddess turns into Marina.

Precisely at the end of the 2nd year after you saved Leaf Valley, a dwarf will come to your house and invite you to the Goddess Spring to see the Harvest Goddess turn into Marina.

6. Has Blue Feather

Finally, there is the Blue Feather which functions to propose to the girl you want to marry. You can buy Blue Feather at Louis’s shop during the 3rd year and one of the girls must have 6 hearts or red.

How to Apply and Get Married in Harvest Moon [HoLV]

After the conditions are met, it means that it’s time to go to the girl you want to be a partner and propose to her with Blue Feather. The way to apply yourself is that you press the R1 button >> select Tools >> select Blue Feather >> then a box button will appear to propose >> press the button when in front of the girl you want to propose to. However, if you want to apply to the Harvest Goddess, you don’t need to press the box button because after you give the vegetables or fruit you will apply directly.

Remember you only have the opportunity to get married once even if the Blue Feather you used to propose is still there.

Then, when your application has been accepted you have to wait for the D day or 7 days after to get married with the girl you have proposed at Church, Mallard Lake. The wedding will automatically occur when you leave the house on the D day.

Well, that’s how to get married in Harvest Moon [HoLV] and for what happens after marriage, the girl you marry will continue to carry out her activities as usual, the difference is that the girl will return home when her activities are finished.

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