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How to activate the microphone in Hago game

How to activate the microphone in hago / voice chat in the game hago – One application that contains exciting and fun games is the Hago application. The hago application itself is an application that contains a wide variety of games that can be played online Cell phone, mobile phone or simply by mobile phone.

The games in the hago application cannot of course be played online offline, but we have to use the data quota to play it.

Games in the hago application have to use the data quota as we have to connect with people. Connected here means we meet in person arbitrarily with strangers we don’t know as our co-stars.

Themed application to make new friends, of course Hago can also be used as an application to make new friends in cyberspace.

There’s a pretty good feature here too, which is that we can determine the gender of our opponent in this Hago game. There are three options that can be used to determine our opponent, namely male, female, or all.

This is of course very helpful for us as we can find a partner who corresponds to our own desires.

In addition, we can add as many of our co-stars as friends. To deepen the relationship, the two players will of course chat with each other. Well, in addition to typing chat, players can also have conversations with the in this Hago game microphone.

It gets even more exciting, of course, because we can chat directly with our opponent Voice chat provided by the developer of the Hago game application.

How do I chat with a microphone? Then how do I turn on the microphone in this Hago game?

Of course, in order to be able to chat with a microphone, both players have to activate their microphones so that they can interact with each other.

How do I activate the microphone? For more details, just follow these simple steps.

~ First make sure that your microphone has given the hago app authorization to access the microphone. If you haven’t given permission, you can set it by going to the settings or Settings >> More Settings >> App Manager >> Apps >> Installed >> Hago >> Authorizations. Then click the button here to use microphone access.

How to switch on the microphone at hago / How to repair the microphone is not active hago

The next step to be able to use the microphone to perform Voice chat Play any game with opponents playing in Hago, then tap the microphone button in the top right corner. For more details you can see the picture below.

How to activate the voice chat hago

Complete! Now you can do it Voice chat who you play with in the game hago. Surely not difficult, right?

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That is roughly the solution to turn on the microphone in the Hago game that you can try out. Hopefully this can be useful for all of you to solve microphone problems or Voice chat unusable Hago game. Much luck.

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