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How hard is it to fight Esmeralda who has a thick and inexhaustible shield? Here's How To Beat It!

Is it hard to fight Esmeralda who has a thick and inexhaustible shield?  Here's How To Beat It

Since its presence, Esmeralda Mobile Legends has immediately become a favorite to be used as a roaming hero that is very troublesome for opponents. Moreover, the reason is because the shield is thick and does not run out.

The more you enter the late game, the shield that Esmeralda has will get thicker and make her more difficult to beat when team fights even when 5 heroes are attacked!

But that doesn’t mean Esmeralda can’t be defeated at all. By using the methods and tricks below, you can finish off Esmeralda and don’t need to be afraid of getting banned or rushing to take it before it is taken by the enemy.

Esmeralda relies heavily on shields when fighting and will of course take the enemy’s shield into Esmeralda’s property and slowly increase Esmeralda’s HP. Therefore, to finish him off, the first thing we must have is true damage.

First there are items that give true damage effects that can be used. Three items for three types of heroes have a true damage effect that can be used. Endless Battle for physical damage heroes, Calamity Reaper for magic damage heroes, and Thunder Belt for tanks.

Next is to use composition that has crowd control such as stun, or silence or being able to knock up enemies for a long enough duration. Before Esmeralda uses her shield, kidnap her immediately and make it the main target to finish off first.

Because when hit by a stun it must be finished immediately, then combine a hero who has crowd control with a hero who gives high burst damage. Once a combo is immediately flat. There is one hero who is unique with high cc and burst damage, namely Eudora.

In a one-on-one condition, when Eudora already has high burst damage, Esmeralda will be able to disappear from the map with her stun and burst damage combo. But if you play in a team, there are still many other heroes that can be used for burst damage combined with CC heroes such as ultimate Kaja or arrows from Selena.

Besides, there is also marksman hero to fight Esmeralda like Claude with the effect of stealing attack speed and making it slow, as well as Karrie with true damage owned.

So that’s the way to fight Esmeralda that can be used. So when an enemy takes Esmeralda, don’t jump right in because of the shield power he has.

Do you have any other tricks against Esmeralda Mobile Legends? Just scribble below!

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