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How do I get diamonds on Hello Yo?

How to get free diamonds on hello yo / how to get lollipops hello yo / get money / ruby ​​hello yo

How do I get diamonds on hello yo? – Hello yo is an online chat application that allows us to chat with people we don’t know for free and for free.

Topic “Find a buddy and Mabar“Of course, the Hello Yo application is the destination of those who enjoy playing online games and making new friends online.

Launched a year ago, the Hello yo application now has quite a few downloaders that has hit over 10 million downloads and has 50,500 active users and a pretty good rating of 4.3.

In addition to providing various kinds of games that users can play for free and freely, Hello-Yo application also offers various excellent features to its users, namely functions Group voice chat rooms or groups where we can chat with people whether we know them or not.

On top of that, there are also cool prizes and cool emojis that further adorn the game to make it look more interesting and unique.

Of course, there are many benefits that can be achieved with this Hello-Yo application. We can get rid of tiredness or fatigue more easily by using this Hello-Yo application.


There are also articles in the Hello application where the article is very popular and in great demand by users, namely Diamonds.

Diamond Hello Yo has quite a big meaning and role in the Hello Yo application. So that the element is the target of the users of this one chat application. The question most users are asking is, can you get Hello-Yo diamonds or even Hello-Yo diamonds for free?

Of course, if you want to get free diamonds at hello yo you can. But of course it’s pretty complicated, so the only surefire way is to buy it with real money.

To get diamonds at hallo yo, users can top up diamonds or buy diamonds hallo yo through various available payment methods such as credit (telkomsel, axis, xl, 3, indosat, smartfren), credit / debit cards and google play store coupon code.

To buy the diamond you can enter the application hello yo >> i >> shopwhen you select the gift in the lollipop menu. Well, there you can choose a shield + for the diamond sector.

After that, choose how many diamonds you want to buy. For the cheapest of IDR 21,000 or the equivalent of 66 diamonds to IDR 3,128,878 or the equivalent of 11900 diamonds + you get 3000 coins hello yo.

How to buy hello yo diamonds for free / how to use hello yo / how to get free hello yo diamonds 2021

So you can determine which nominal diamond to buy if you want a diamond on that hi yo.

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That’s all a brief discussion of questions that users frequently ask about the Hello-Yo application. I hope this helps everyone who is confused and having problems with it.

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