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How and Terms of Registering Google Adsense Blogger

How and Terms of Registering Google Adsense Blogger
How and Terms of Registering Google Adsense Blogger

Google-adsense is an advertising program from Google that involves blog owners in the delivery. And Google gives these bloggers a commission for every time the ad link is clicked, which is usually referred to as paid-per-click. Or also via views for per 1000 impressions. But in order to get these facilities, you need to understand the Google Adsense blogger methods and terms first.

In order for ads from the Google Adsense program to appear on the blog, it is actually very easy because each blogger only has to add the code from the ad link. However, what is often an obstacle to getting the ad link as it has to go through the Google Adsense terms and conditions. Some of the Google Adsense Blogger terms and conditions to be aware of, including:

Quality, unique and attractive

High quality, unique and interesting content is a delivery from Google Adsense Blogger. Don’t just copy, paste, or plagiarize other people’s content. In essence, the content or article must be original or original. It would be even better if the article was 100% free from plagiarism elements.

Visitor traffic

The amount of visitor traffic is also one of the requirements for Google Adsense Blogger. The Google Adsense itself does not confirm in detail, but with high traffic and page views it becomes a condition. Usually a blog or website with more than 250 visitors a day.

To do this, create interesting and unique content or articles to attract more visitors to the blog or website. Use the right and unique keywords so they can attract visitors. in addition, write articles and create interesting content, depending on the needs of the visitors.

Minimum age of blogger

To be able to deduct the commission from Google Adsense, the blogger must be old enough. Because the commission from adsense is paid out via a bank or Western Union. 18 years is the minimum age of a blogger who is permitted to participate in the google-adsense program.

Non-dangerous and prohibited content

The Google Adsense party will never approve blogs with content that contains elements of illegal, dangerous and prohibited acts. Especially if the content promotes and supports illegal activities. For this reason, avoid and remove both image content, videos and articles that contain; Oppression, harassment of a person or group.

So, if bloggers want to follow the Google Adsense advertising program, delete or remove harmful and illegal content immediately. Do not upload content or articles that contain advertisements or the sale of prohibited products, such as: counterfeit goods, drugs, alcohol, etc.

Blogs promoting the sale of war tools, such as: Ammo, guns, and components are also banned from Google Adsense. In addition, websites that display similar or similar advertisements outside of Google are excluded from participating in the Google Adsense program. Therefore, create content as wisely as possible that does not violate dangerous, illegal and forbidden regulations.

Free porn

In order for the blog to be approved to participate in the Google Adsense program, the website must be free of various pornographic elements. Both the content in the form of pictures, videos and articles. Because of this, bloggers need to be careful when uploading content to their blogs.

That’s it How and Terms of Registering Google Adsense Blogger what you absolutely have to know. After the conditions are met and the Google Adsense requirements are approved, all the blogger needs to do is add the Adsense ad link.

Especially when it comes to blogs by ad publishers, it is becoming a way of generating income from the Internet. Hopefully inspiring and useful.

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