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Hero Mage with 4 Sick Active Skills

Unlike other mages or heroes, Zhask has 5 skills, namely 4 active skills and 1 passive skill, in contrast to other heroes who only have a total of 4 skills consisting of 3 active skills and 1 passive skill. The main skill is the combined skill of the first skill (Nightmaric Spawn) and the ultimate skill (Dominator’s Descent), while skill 2 and skill 3 are only support. This is the strategy and build gear of Zhask, the hero mage with 4 active skills that are sick and deadly!


At the beginning of the game, take the Nightmaric Spawn skill first, then go straight to the top or bottom line, if necessary hide in the bushes or grass and then use the Nightmaric Spawn skill so that the enemy is confused with our whereabouts. Don’t go too far with our tower because Zhask doesn’t have the skills to escape so that if there are enemies who give up, they can immediately return to the tower for cover. After Zhask reaches level 4 it should be strong enough to hold its own tower with 2 opponents because it already has the ultimate skill (Dominator’s Descent). Be careful with Akai’s hero because with his ultimate skill, Akai can keep Zhask away from the monster summoned by Zhask so that the monster disappears and the Nightmaric Spawn skill and Zhask’s ultimate skill are canceled. Also avoid dealing with opponents when HP is running low (half or less than half) because Zhask’s defense is very small and can immediately die on the spot when dealing with fast kill type heroes like Karina. Although Zhask has tremendous damage and high attack speed after the first skill and ultimate skill are used, but Zhask does not have the skill to escape and the defense is small so you need to be very careful not to be attacked or attacked by the enemy at the same time. In addition, the ultimate skill is easy to avoid, enemies outside the monster area will not be affected by the skills of the summoned monster. The role of tank-type heroes who have slow and stun skills is very necessary for their cooperation in using Zhask, so that the opponent’s hero does not leave the area of ​​​​the monster that has been summoned by Zhask.

Build Gear Zhask

1. Clock of Destiny

Same as Karina, and Cyclops, Zhask can also use the Clock of Destiny because these three heroes are both mage types. In addition to adding HP and mana, this item also adds a lot of magic power. Very useful for strengthening the basic attributes of heroes.

2. Swift Boots

Swift boots are used to increase attack speed and Zhask’s movement speed. These shoes become very useful because Zhask does not have the ability to escape so this item is very helpful.

3. Scarlet Phantom

Scarlet Phantom functions to increase attack speed by 40% and the critical probability increases by 10%, also when critical, attack speed increases by another 25%

4. Feather of Heaven

Increases Attack Speed ​​35% and magic power / magic power 65.

5. Devil Tears

Functions to increase the penetration of damage to the opponent by 40% and can increase by 30% if Zhask’s HP exceeds 70%

6. Blood Wings

Functions to increase Zhask’s HP and magic power so that it doesn’t die easily and the damage also increases. This item can be replaced with other items such as Immortal if it is deemed less useful, although it should not be replaced because Immortal will be useless when attacked simultaneously by several enemy heroes and after rising to death again.

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