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Hero Atlas Mobile Legends Advanced Server Mobile Legends, Come on, Try it!

Hero Atlas ML Advanced Server Mobile Legends, Let's Try it!

Mobile Legends now there are many types Hero a new one that is quite unique to play. Also this month, Original Server there will be a new hero of type Support, He is Carmellia. This time there is Hero Atlas ML Advanced Server Mobile Legends, Let’s Try!

This hero is really officially coming in January, for those of you who often use Role Support, don’t miss it. That’s not all, it’s rumored Couple from Carmellia will be present in February and he is Cecilion.

These two heroes are a perfect match, reportedly their Skin Couple will be released on Valentine’s Day. Currently, a lot of updates are happening in the Advanced Server.

One of them is the development of Nerf and Buff, then there is a new Hero that is also present in the Advanced Server Update. Now you have to be happy for Hero Tank users, because we will have a new Hero Tank named Atlas.

If seen, this hero has a strong Giant Robot Form Model. The uniqueness of this Hero is also very much, he is able to give quite a lot of Crowd Control Effects.

This ero is actually a small Octopus that enters the Giant Robot Armor and activates it, becoming an Atlas hero.

On this occasion we will provide an explanation of the Atlas Hero Skill, now Atlas is Official in the Advanced Server.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

Hero Atlas ML Advanced Server Mobile Legends, Let’s Try it!

New Hero Mobile Legends

Atlas is a Hero with the Tank Role type with Crowd Control and Initiator abilities. In addition, Atlas is also able to make a Meta change if it has been released on the Original Server.

This hero has quite a unique skill and of course can interfere with the movement of enemies around him. Here we explain in more detail.

Passive Skill – Frigid Breath Hero Atlas ML Advanced Server Mobile Legends

ML New Hero

The passive of this hero will not deal damage to the enemy, but if the enemy is in this passive aura, it will receive a slow effect for 1 second and 40%. This effect is Area and 5 enemies at once can be affected by this Skill.

This passive will activate when Atlas uses any of his skills.

Skill 1 – Annihilate

Skill 1 – Annihilate

Atlas will make a giant thump to the ground and produce a very large explosion 3 times. The damage generated by this skill is area, besides the Passive of Atlas will be active later.

Skill 2 – Perfect Match

Skill 2 – Perfect Match

This skill is quite unique compared to other tanks, the original body of Atlas will come out (Octopus Shape) and produce a Movement Speed ​​of 30%. This skill is quite unique and can be combined with Skill 1 or Ultimate.

If the Octopus and Robot Body reunite, it will give an Area Stun Effect. In addition, if you press Skill 2 again, the Robot’s body will immediately approach the Octopus’s body.

Passive Skills will be Active with this Atlas ML Advanced Server Mobile Legends Hero Skill.

Ultimate Skill – Fatal Link

Ultimate Skill – Fatal Link

This ultimate hero is the most unique compared to other tanks. Many say that this Ultimate is a combination of Franco’s Ulti and Jawhead’s 2nd Skill, because Atlas is able to slam 5 enemies at once if they are in his Ultimate Area.

This is perfect for kidnapping enemies or doing Open War. Passive from Atlas will be active if you use Ultimate Skill as well.

Those are some explanations about the new Hero Atlas, he is rumored to be appearing in March 2021. How? Ready to buy Atlas later?

That’s all we can say, Thank you.

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