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Here's how to unlock a no-root free-fire device that has been shown to work

How to Unroot Free Fire (FF) – Hello friends, Free Fire (FF) game players wherever you are, on this occasion the admin is going to share some tips with all of you on how to easily deal with a Free Fire device locked on your ff account and easy ways.

As we know so far, the Free Fire game will become increasingly popular in 2021. Also, the popularity of the Free Fire game is not only in our country, but also in other neighboring countries and even countries on other continents.

For you player those caught with cheats and then reported by other players are at risk forbidden. That is not all, if it is too bad then the punishment is locked device. This is certainly a shame, as we can no longer play on devices that have been banned.

However, my friend needn’t worry because of course there is a solution that we can use to get past the blocked Free Fire account. The solution is to change the ID on our device. Because, as we know, information is usually blocked Smartphone device ID, like IMEI, Android ID, etc.

Usually the way to be able to make changes Device ID be able unbanned device free fire is to root the phone first. But here you don’t have to worry as you can deal with locked Free Fire devices without needing to be root or without root. For more details, just follow these simple steps.

1. Please download the required applications listed below first:

Virtual backup 1.0

VirtualXposed v72.1

Changer v1.19


Strict space

2. When all of the above required materials are complete or downloaded, the next step is to clear the Free Fire game application data (delete data). How to delete the data is very simple, namely go to Settings / settings then on your smartphone App / Applications >> Application Manager / Other Application Settings >> Installed Applications >> Free Fire >> Erase Data / Erase Data.

3. The next step is to open it File manager / file Explorer then delete the folder com.garena.msdk The location of the place is visible in the internal or external memory if you use the Explorer >> Memory >> Emulated >> 0 application.

4. After all the required applications (mentioned above) have been installed, please open the application VirtualXposed >> Then go to the settings menu >> Add apps >> Clone apps. Then select and clone the Virtual Backup, Changer / IMEI Changer application and choose the Free Fire game.

5. Then in the next step in your VirtualXposed application go to Settings / Preferences again and then select Manage >> Explorer Modules >> Checkmark >> Activate Changer >> IMEI Changer. Then restart the VirtualXposed application.

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6. When you’ve rebooted, open your VirtualXposed buddy again and run the Changer application in VirtualXposed by selecting the menu in the top left corner and then selecting Specific app, then tap and hold Free Fire until you see the words Add / remove HOOK Then select the list. Later the Free Fire lettering will be red, which means that we chose the character specifically for the Free Fire game so that ID device we can change it.

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7. Then return to the application home page Changer, there is a menu Arbitrarily, select until all data information about IMEI, Android ID, etc. changes. Then click to save.

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note : All check marks must be blue and active, or all checked, to ensure that the changer application is fully active.

With all of the steps completed now is the time to run the Free Fire game application my friend. Please friends first create a new account.

Secure! Now my friend can play the Free Fire game again by creating a new ff account.

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That’s the whole discussion about it How to Unlock a Free Fire Device Without Root that you can try right on your device. Hopefully this will be useful for all of you and don’t forget to share it with other friends who need it. Much luck.

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