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Here's how to quickly turn on a Vivo phone's flashlight without pressing a button

How to turn on the Vivo 2021 cell phone flashlight

How to quickly turn on a Vivo phone’s flashlight – Various brands of mobile phones are appearing now and are continuously being released with the latest features and contemporary designs, namely designs with slim models and wide screens.

The latest features that are released are sure to have an impact on consumer interests and wants in the marketplace. When it has unique features and designs that are not owned by. are Smartphone With other types, the smartphone certainly has the chance of attracting quite a large number of buyers, as the average buyer is interested in buying a smartphone due to new functions that are not yet available on other smartphones.

Smartphones, or what people in our country often call HP, are smartphones with multifunctional uses. It is called multifunctional because smartphones can be used to perform any activity through just one device, e.g.

In modern times like today, smartphones, also called cell phones, have become daily necessities that are certainly very difficult to let go of. Various needs and entertainment can now be easily found by the public with just a cell phone.

When it comes to cell phone brands, there are of course many cell phone brands that keep popping up in the market. The most popular type of cell phone is an Android type cell phone.

In fact, Android phones have become one of the most popular and best-selling phones on the market. There are several brands of Android phones that are very popular with people. Well, one of those Android phones is the vivo phone.

There is no need to doubt the quality and popularity of this Vivo mobile phone. The functions in it are also very unique and different from other smartphones. Well, one of the features that could be discussed in relation to the Vivo phone this time around is the flashlight function.

On other phones, if we have to use the button to turn on the flashlight, but on Vivo phones, it’s very different because we just have to shake our phone and the flashlight will turn on instantly. This method is very simple and certainly a lot easier for users. But as we know, not all users know how to do it as there is no flashlight application on the Vivo phone.

But friends, don’t worry, we can all easily do that. But the first step we have to do is enable a flashlight function first. To be clear, my friend can follow the simple steps to turn on the flashlight of all kinds of vivo cell phones (vivo y95, y91, y81, y93, y83, y81, y21, y53, y71, v3, v5, v9, v11, v15 and others – others) below.


1. Please open “arrangement“on your vivo phone, buddy.

2. Scroll or scroll down afterwards and find the function named “Smart gestures“And then click on the Smart Gestures function.

Put the flashlight on the vivo cell phone

3. Then several function selection menus appear, my friend can “Shake to turn on the flashlight“By tapping the switch on the right to activate it.

Put the flashlight on the vivo cell phone

4. After successfully activating the flashlight function, my friend can immediately start turning on the flashlight. To do this, your Vivo mobile phone must be locked and switched on. After that, shake or shake your Vivo phone 2 or 3 times and it will stop immediately, then the flashlight will turn on automatically without pressing a button.

This is roughly how you turn on the flashlight of your Vivo cell phone. When you want to turn off the flashlight, just press the lock button on your Vivo phone.

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That is the discussion of how to turn on a Vivo cell phone flashlight that you can apply right on your Vivo device. Hopefully this information can be useful and help all Vivo smartphone users who are having issues using a flashlight on their Vivo phone. This is all a short discussion, good luck.

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