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Here's how to easily view data usage on OPPO HP

How To See The Data Usage On HP Oppo 2021

How to see the data usage on OPPO HP – Hi friends, on this occasion the administrator will share with all of you who are surely confused about how data usage is displayed on OPPO Android smartphones.

OPPO smartphones are becoming increasingly popular and widely used by people in several parts of the world including the Indonesian population.

I don’t know for what reason maybe because the quality and affordable price are people’s choice to own this unique smartphone.

Considered by several Android smartphones distributed in Indonesia, HP OPPO is one of the best-selling Android smartphones by Indonesians.

Oppo smartphones are of good quality. The functions in it are pretty good too, like camera functions and so on.


This time it is going to discuss how to view or check the data usage of the Oppo cellphone. In fact, we will basically not find a function on our Oppo phone to show the usage of data allotments. This is also very difficult for us, especially for smartphone users whose data quota is quickly used up.

Hence, you don’t need to worry because I have a solution to overcome it. You can see the data usage on oppo a37, oppo a57, oppo f1s, oppo a71, oppo a83, oppo f7, oppo a3s and all kinds of oppo and other smartphones.

In order to check this and make settings for data usage by Oppo we need to use a third party application. One of the applications that I use to view the data usage on my Oppo phone is My Data Manager. As you can easily see and follow the explanation below.


First of all, of course, you’ll need to use a third-party application, which is my data manager. You can download it from the playstore first by using the keyword My Data Manager My Data Manager.

How to check data usage on oppo

After that, install and open the application. Then read and press to accept each permission and its terms. Then skip each step or steps of the procedure by pressing Skip. You will then immediately be taken to the homepage display so that you can see every data usage that has just been used.

How to limit data usage on HP Oppo

Well, certainly not difficult, is it? Also read: How to see the data usage on a vivo mobile phone.

You can also manage the data usage, check, control and restrict the data usage on your Oppo phone.

That’s it How to see data usage on oppo which you can try out directly on your oppo mobile phone. This allows you to do a lot more research / save your data quota to prevent accidental wastage of quotas. Much luck.

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