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Here's how to easily group BBM contacts by category

Android lounge – Now is the era of smartphones and there has to be a messenger application. In general, people are now using BBM which can be enjoyed on multi-platform Android and IOS. In the Playstore, the BBM Messenger application ranks ahead of Whatsapp and Line.
With so many BBM users, there must be many contacts in BBM. Too many contacts who are not grouped by category can also make you dizzy. So the admin will write a tutorial on how to group BBM contacts by categories

Here's how to easily group BBM contacts by category coverage

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By grouping BBM contacts by category, we can find contacts more easily, for example, Person A in the Friends category means that Person A is our friend, Person B is in the Family category, which means that Person B is our family. This way we can send messages simply by category.

Steps to group BBM contacts by category on Android

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  1. Go to BBM Contacts and press Options then select “Add category
    Add category
  2. Name the category for example friend Then press “plus
    Name category
  3. Select the contact to be added to the category “friend“then press”complete
    Select the BBM contact included in the category

When a new friend is added to a BBM contact, move the contact to a category as follows:

  1. Press and hold the new contact for 1-2 seconds and press the And option Select Change Contact
    Move contact to category
  2. Select the previously created category, the new contact will automatically be moved to the category we selected
    choose categorie

When you want to edit a category

  1. Touch and hold the category you want to edit. It will be displayed new choice
    Edit category
  2. Choose one of these options if you want change name or Delete category
  3. Complete.

This function for grouping contacts is not available in Line Messenger. If you have a lot of BBM contacts, use this feature as it is very helpful.

This is a tutorial on grouping BBM contacts by category
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