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Here's how to call all operators on Android and send SMS for free

How to call and send SMS to all operators on Android for free – online page bro – There are so many social messenger applications out there in the big world, but the calling or phone function is very limited, only you can do it phone to other app users.

Due to the competition in the world of applications, new applications have emerged that offer excellent properties Free calls and SMS
the opposite without having to install this application.

This app called @me or Atme read etme works by BeDigital Developer. phone This application can also be performed on old-school telephones, opponents phone does not require an internet connection. The HD quality sound is also solid.

The first bonus was given by @me to the phone for free to all Indonesian and foreign operators for 15 minutes every month and 15 minutes SMS Free for all local and international providers, every month you get a top-up of 5000 per month. When the monthly quota is used up, you can buy the provided package, the package is very cheap.

The method :

  1. First, download the latest application @me Di. playstore
  2. Register by entering your phone number, email and others
  3. Enter the verification code above. was sent SMS.
  4. Email VerificationDone, congratulations Call happy.

This application is useful when credit ready, buy credit Error not sent, operator error HD audio quality is great
How to make phone calls and SMS calls for free
Hope it’s useful.

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