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Here are 8 Playing Modes in Mobile Legends Game

Mobile Legends is indeed a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game which is quite popular in Indonesia. The advantage of a game like this is that it doesn’t require character leveling which can take hours like MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) games. In addition, this game also relies more on the skills and strategies of the team so that it can test the abilities and strategies of the players as well as cooperation or team cohesiveness. These are the 6 Playing Modes in the Mobile Legends Game.

1. Brawl Mode
Brawl mode only consists of 1 line and starts with a level 3 character or hero. Brawl is not calculated in the percentage of wins or losses so you can play more relaxed. The difficulty in playing brawl mode is that there is no base to heal HP and mana so to heal HP and where to kill monsters in the game area. In addition, to upgrade or buy gear, you must be in the base, whereas after leaving the base at the beginning of the game we cannot return unless the hero we are using dies. Therefore, it is quite difficult not to die completely in this mode.

2. Classic Mode

Classic mode starts with a level 1 hero or character with 3 lanes, namely top lane, mid lane, and bottom lane. In classic mode, players are free to choose any hero they have and can use a trial card if they don’t have a permanent hero. Usually this classic mode is used as a place to try heroes, so it’s only natural that there are parts of the team that become a burden because they can’t or have just used the hero.

3. Mayhem Mode

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A mode where the skills of several existing heroes become stronger than normal mode (brawl, classic, ranked). For example, Zhask who usually can only summon 1 monster with the first skill, when in Mayhem mode, Zhask can summon 2 monsters at once when using his first skill. Of course Zhask becomes a feared mage in Mayhem mode because in normal mode with only 1 monster, Zhask’s damage is already sick and can kill several heroes at once when the gear is ready.

4. Survival Mode
Game mode where we are faced with 3 types of heroes at the beginning of the game, namely physical, magic, and defense. In this mode, 1 team consists of 3 people and will hunt monsters to get equipment and there is no item shop to buy equipment or gear or items. Each team can compete to get the best equipment and survive the attacks of the opposing team. The last team to survive is the winner.

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5. Mirror Mode
A mode where each player must vote to choose 1 hero among several available heroes. The hero who gets the most votes will be used in the game. As the name implies, all players on the team will use the same hero. This mode is very demanding of cohesiveness and the selection of the right hero. Wrong in choosing a hero will be a very fatal mistake and it will be very difficult to win the match.

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6. Ranked Mode

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A mode created with a star system where the winning player will get additional stars and the loser will lose the star. This ranking is like the usual classic, but when it reaches the epic rank, the character selection becomes a draft pick where the character or hero that has been chosen by the enemy cannot be selected anymore. In addition, non-permanent heroes or those obtained with trial cards cannot be used in this Ranked mode.

7. Custom Mode
In custom mode, we can fight the computer or friends. We can choose to play brawl, or classic to fight friends or the computer (AI). Unlike classic or brawl where the teams are randomized, here we have to add friends or computers to be able to play. In addition, the game is also not 5 against 5 but the number of players is free according to our wishes. Usually, custom mode is used to try heroes or compete 1 on 1 with friends. Custom mode is the only mode and way to compete 1 on 1 in Mobile Legends at this time.

8. VS AI Mode
In VS AI mode, you will be fighting a computer team with other people so that your team of five containing human players is against a computer team of five as well. In VS AI, we can choose to fight the computer in brawl mode, classic mode, or draft pick mode. Usually against the computer, the possibility of winning is greater because often the computer still doesn’t run away even though its blood or HP is low or dying so that it becomes all feeders and is easy to beat.

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