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Here are 6 ways to overcome delays while playing Mobile Legend

How not to lag while playing Mobile Legend – When we play mobile legends and suddenly experience delays, it definitely makes us very angry. In addition, the delay occurs when we are fighting and the enemy is near us. Wow, definitely very disappointed and doesn’t seem to make our game fun anymore.

Even if the delay that occurs is severe enough that we can no longer run or move the analog, it frustrates us and not infrequently many Mobile Legend players prefer to save or exit the game when this problem occurs.

How to solve the red signal in the mobile legend / How to solve the red ping in the mobile legend

This lag in mobile legends can be due to several factors that are more likely to come from our smartphones. Hence, we can learn more to recognize the factors that cause it.

Factors that cause delays when playing Mobile Legend are usually caused by an unstable network, high RAM usage, applications or games running in the background, and some of them.

So the admin gives some tips here how to overcome ml-lag, how to break while playing Mobile Legend, and how to overcome the red signal / ping in mobile legend so that your game remains exciting without you having to be restricted only because of the lag problem that occurs. Here are tips on how to avoid lag while playing ml / Mobile Legend.

Here’s how to keep the network stable when playing Mobile Legend

1. Activate Mobile Legend Speed ​​mode

There is a Speed ​​Mode feature in the Mobile Legend game that can help overcome delays or interruptions caused by an unstable network. In my experience, this feature is very helpful in overcoming delays when playing mobile legends, even the red ping can turn green instantly with this feature.

However, this feature will use up our quota faster as the quota usage for mobile legends is doubled.

To activate it, it’s very simple, by:

– In the combat area, select the Equipment or Settings section at the top left.

– In the basic area, scroll down to the end, then you will find the speed mode function.

– Then press “On” so that the speed mode function is active.

Here's how to keep the network stable when playing the latest 2021 mobile legend

2. Restart HP

Sometimes the delay that occurs while playing Mobile Legend comes not only from the signal network, which we consider to be unstable, but also usually comes from our own cell phones.

Our smartphones can still take up a lot of RAM usage and capacity from other applications and games, making our phones heavier.

Hence, if you feel that the stress on your cellphone is heavy and delayed while playing Mobile Legends, you can try restarting your cellphone. In my experience, this method is very effective in eliminating delays that are not from our signal network, especially on cell phones with RAM under 2GB.

3. Use a stable signal

A stable signal is the main thing to be fluid while playing Mobile Legend. You can choose the operator that you think runs smoothly or is suitable for your location or region. It is well known that not all operators are suitable for every region. So the point is to be smart about choosing a carrier.

If you go to places that offer free WiFi, make sure the signal network is good and smooth. That way, you won’t have any problems or delays while playing mobile legends.

And remember to look for WiFi that doesn’t log in often so the WiFi connection isn’t shared and stays smoothly stable.

4. Do not play while it is charging

In order not to stall while playing Mobile Legend, avoid playing while it is charging or charging as this can cause our cell phones to heat up quickly.

When our phones are hot we feel delayed playing mobile legends. So it is better to avoid playing while it is charging than experiencing a delay that ends up making us lose too. In addition, charging while gaming can also quickly damage the smartphone, as charging is hindered by gaming.

When playing Mobile Legend, please make sure our battery is in sufficient condition to play and avoid charging it while gaming as it will have various negative effects.

5. Change the graphics quality of Mobile Legends

It has also been proven that the quality of the graphics on the mobile legend can be changed Overcoming delay in mobile legends.

If you experience a delay while playing mobile legends, you can try changing the graphics quality of your mobile legend to Low.

Mobile Legends offers several options for customizing the graphics quality, namely Low (low), Medium (medium), and High (high). Although our graphics quality is generally set to medium, we can take advantage of this option to overcome the lag problem by changing it to a low quality.

To change the graphics quality, you can select the part Change Settings> Basics> Graphics Quality to Low.

6. Empty the cache

Clearing the cache of applications or games on our smartphones is also useful to minimize the occurrence of delays when playing Mobile Legends.

Applications or games that we have just played are caching data. This cached data is actually only a burden for our smartphones, because the larger the cache is, it will only burden our smartphones.

Hence, you can try to clear the cache of the applications on your smartphone by going to the section Settings> Application Manager> Select the app you want to clear cache> Clear cache.

Clearing the cache at this point has also been shown to help reduce or overcome lag issues that are common when playing Mobile Legend as the existing loads have been cleaned up.

The last word

Here are a few tips How to overcome delays in playing Mobile Legend that you can practice. These tips are simple ways that have been proven to be able to overcome delays or interruptions while playing mobile legends. Hopefully this article will be useful for those of you who often encounter obstacles while playing mobile legends.

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