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Here are 4 Heroes That Can Counter Lapu-Lapu Mobile Legends

As fans already know Mobile Legends, at the moment Lapu-Lapu again OP. So, one way to stop it is to find a hero counter Lapu-Lapu.

If left unchecked when the draft pick hero, then it is not impossible, Lapu-Lapu will be crazier and invincible.

4 Heroes That Can Counter Lapu-Lapu Mobile Legends

Well, therefore, we will recommend a hero counter Lapu-Lapu which makes him not move anymore. Check this out!



Even though it looks very thin Chou has a very agile skill when targeting the opponent’s hero. He will chase and provide feedback to a team to finish off.

Why is that? Because Chou has the CC ability that can withstand various kinds of heroes. can be said, Chou is a counter hero meta that is currently popular.

Chou will give a knock up effect for movement Lapu-Lapu stopped. Besides that, Chou also have immunity that is used for counterattacks.

Oh yeah, there are a few tips for those of you who want to use it Chou to fight Lapu-Lapu. First time using ultimate skill Chou then combine it with skill two, yes.



Franco which is the best Tank with his Hook skill. Franco can kidnap Lapu-Lapu to be devoured then by a team hero.

Usually after kidnapping Lapu-Lapu, Franco can use the ulti skill called Bloody Hunt. This skill has the most dangerous disable effect, namely suppressed.

So that Lapu-Lapu I won’t move if I get a skill Bloody Hunt from Franco for 2 seconds. Then the hero of one team will easily brush it off Lapu-Lapu.



Carmila is a hero mage the best support you can use to counter Lapu-Lapu.

This is because of the passive ability Carmilla which can steal magic and physical damage so that the opponent’s hero is weaker and can even be staked up to five times.

Not only that, the ability can also be obtained from various skill sets. Carmilla has movement speed and CC skills that can bind his opponent.



Passive skills Harith can reduce the opponent’s cc, absorb the opponent’s damage, and have a fast cooldown. That’s why he is very well known as a hero who is hard to catch.

There’s no reason not to use it anymore Harith when fighting Lapu-Lapu, because Harith is the best choice.

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So that’s a row of counter heroes that can be made Lapu-Lapu Don’t move, don’t lose.

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