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Here are 3 ways to get the latest free Tinder Gold 2021

How to free Tindergold and Tinder plus Android for free

How to get free Tinder Gold – Applications to find a game or make friends online that are very popular and widely used by people from different regions and countries are the Tinder application.

This Tinder application is one of the many social applications for making friends that is in fact included in the category of the most popular applications downloaded by those interested in making a partner or friend online.

The Tinder app has been around for a while before several other similar apps hit the market. Behind this is an application that is quite unique and similar to the Tinder application. Well the application is the Tantan application.

The Tantan app has a lot in common with the Tinder app. Both of them have quite a high level of popularity as well.

However, behind the similarities there are of course also striking differences between the two applications. Well, the visible difference is the premium features that are specifically designed for each user of the application.

If the Tantan application uses a premium feature in the form of VIP, it turns out that the Tinder application uses the feature Tinder gold and Tinder plus for application users.

Users of the Tinder application can upgrade to premium features in the form of Tinder Gold features and Tinder Plus features at the same time. Both of these premium features also have their respective advantages as stated in the Tinder application.

From the user’s point of view, however, it turns out that the most sought after and desired feature by users is the tinder gold feature. However, there is an obstacle for the users, which is that this feature can only be obtained by purchasing with real money.

Of course, this becomes very difficult for users as they will have to spend real money to get this Tinder Gold feature. This is why many users are trying to get the Tinder Gold feature for free.

But you don’t have to worry because of course there are solutions that can help you get it for free without spending any money. To put it more clearly, my friend can go in the following ways.

1. Using Poinweb

The way to get free Tinder Gold on Android or iOS is to join the Poin website and start using it.

Poinweb is a website on the Internet that gives out rewards in the form of points to every member who participates in it and completes every proposed task.

If they successfully complete the tasks contained therein, members can receive points that can be exchanged for Pulse and Google Play vouchers, which can be used to purchase / upgrade Tinder Gold for free.

There are many tasks that can be done by the members who are a member. These tasks include playing games, downloading applications, taking the guessing game, registering on a website, and so on.

When members’ points have reached the minimum limit, they can be exchanged directly for credit or Google Play vouchers.

With credit or a Google Play voucher code, you can use it to upgrade Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus Premium for free. If you are interested in joining Poinweb and receiving free Tinder Gold, you can register directly on the website or right HERE.

2. Using the gift wallet

The second way you can get a Google Play gift code so that it can be used to upgrade free Tinder Gold is through a gift wallet.

Gift Wallet is one of the reward applications that can be downloaded for free from the Playstore and Appstore. This rewards application offers free exchange gifts to every user in the form of Google Play gift cards.

But of course, users need to collect coins first so that they can be exchanged for Google Play Gift Cards. The minimum coins that can be exchanged for free Google Play gift cards in this gift wallet application is 4000 coins with a Google Play balance of $ 10 or, if converted to rupiah, 140 thousand rupiah.

If the coins are enough, my friend can immediately exchange them for a Google Play gift card and within a few days the Google Play gift code will be sent and can be viewed directly in your gift wallet account. If you are interested in using this one application to get free Tinder Gold it can be downloaded directly to your Android phone by going to Gift purse in the Playstore search menu.

3. Use a modified version of Tinder

This method is not really recommended. However, if you really need premium features from Tinder Gold, then using the Mod version is certainly a quick choice and solution if you want free Tinder Gold.

There are tons of websites that offer a place to download the free Tinder mod version on the internet. Buddy can choose one of the latest versions for the mode version to work properly.

You can use any browser to download it quickly. If the download is successful, open the APK and follow the step-by-step instructions to install it as suggested by the location where you downloaded it.

So my friend gets Tindergold for free even on unlimited aliases without a certain time limit.

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These are some of the ways you can upgrade Tinder Gold for free without paying. Hopefully this information can be useful and helpful to all users of the Tinder application. Hence the short discussion, good luck.

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