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Having God Equal Power, Let's Get to Know 3 New Aspect Champions League of Legends Wild Rift!

Riot Games finally officially revealing what’s coming in Wild Rift in the upcoming 2.1 patch. In addition to bringing the long-awaited replay and spectator features, 6 new champions are also being prepared for February and March.

Of the six new champions that will be present, three of them are Leona, Diana, and Pantheon both of which come from Mount Targon. The three of them are Aspects (humans who are “raised” to become gods or have god-like powers) so they have god-like powers.

Leona Diana Panthe

In this article, the author will discuss the three more closely. Let’s see.


Leona Wild Rift

Leona is a brave girl from the tribe Rakkon who is now the leader of the Lunari army aka Ra-Horak and also one Aspect of Sun which represents the power of the sun. Leona was a firm and strong leader and deeply devoted to his teachings.

If you are a Support player who has an aggressive and bold style of play, Leona created for you. He has a lot of hard CC in the form of single targets and AoE that is ready to lock the enemy, and a thick defense.

Leona also one of the few champions who can destroy a ward at level 1 without anyone’s help by relying on the auto reset mechanic of one of his skills.


Diana is an lone girl who was raised by the people Solari. His admiration for the moonlight made him considered a heretic by his people, until he ended up killing people Solari. Diana became Aspect of the Moon who represents the moon as well as rivals Leona.

Diana is an AP Assassin champion who has high damage and is agile enough to finish off his enemies. In addition to being able to erase the life of a target like an Assassin, Diana is also able to shine during teamfights thanks to her mobility and AoE combos.

If you are looking for an Assassin with good teamfight skills, Diana is the person.


Pantheon Wild Rift

Formerly known as Atreus, a strong youth from the same tribe as Leona that is tribe Rakkon. Atreus who traveled to the top Targon finally turned into Aspect of War representing war.

But when fighting against Darkin, Aspect inside him was killed by a certain Darkin, leaving Atreus who was injured with the weapon belonging Aspect of War. The tenacity of his soul and his strong desire to protect humans managed to ignite the weapon Aspect of War.

If you are looking for a champion who is flexible and can be played in almost any position, Pantheon is the answer. You can play it in Baron Lane, Jungle, Mid Lane, to Support even though consistently. This flexibility has even made him have a 100% tire rate during Worlds 2021.

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Leona, Diana and Pantheon will come along with the event Path of Ascension next March. As usual, Riot Games will provide missions with prizes you can choose one of the three champions. Who will you choose?

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