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Guinevere Fighter Mage Mobile Legends Wallpaper Images


Guinevere is a unique hero, released by Moonton. Why do I say unique? Because he is a hero with a fighter role as well as the first mage in mobile legends. With the form of a beautiful girl who has magical powers, making Guinevere look charming in mobile legends.

Apart from the appearance Guinevere has a very deadly skill. Just one combo marksman, mage or even Fighter can be killed instantly. This beautiful hero also has skill 2 which makes it agile to jump here and there.

This hero already has 3 skins until this season 14, which makes him look even more beautiful. For those of you who are looking for cool pictures or wallpapers from the Guinevere Mobile Legends hero, it’s below.

The first is the original or plain Guinevere image or wallpaper without skin wrapping. Here’s the picture.

If you don’t have Ms. This Violet, you can buy it for 32,000 Batle Points.
Next is the regular Guinevere skin image or wallpaper, which is released by moonton at the same time as the release of the hero. If you want to use this skin you have to pay for 269 Diamond.

Actually, Guinevere’s first skin is not much different from the original hero. What distinguishes it is only the color of the clothes that were originally purplish to light blue, besides that some small things that are different are the color of the shoes, the socks that are longer, the gloves that were originally long become shorter, the color of the bracelets, and the buttons on the back. In front of the shirt, which normally uses a rope on this skin, Guinevere uses buttons and finally, if you look at the motif behind Guinevere’s skirt, it doesn’t exist in this skin.

Just go straight Guinevere skin picture or wallpaper:

The 2nd skin that Moonton gave to Guinevere was the Asamiya skin. This skin is the result of cooperation between Moonton and King of Fighter or called Skin MLBB x KOF Part I (Because there is an MLBB x KOF Skin part II). Starting from the appearance to the animation of this skin, it is far different from the original hero. For the appearance and animation of this skin, it has been adjusted to the character of Asamiya, one of the characters from the King of Fighter game.

For those of you who are looking for an Asamiya Skin Image or Wallpaper from Guinevere, it’s below:

Guinevere’s 3rd skin is a monthly Starlight member skin, which indeed every month Moonton will issue a starlight member skin. If you become a starlight member you will get a starlight skin that month, in addition to several other benefits such as heroes and free weekly skin trials that you can use in any mode including ranked mode.

In September 2021, Moonton released his starlight skin for their first fighter mage hero, Guinevere.

With this skin, Guinevere looks even more beautiful. This Starlight skin is named Lotus.

If you are looking for cool pictures or wallpapers from Guinevere’s Lotus skin, it’s below:

That’s the discussion for Guinevere Fighter Mage Mobile Legends wallpaper images Bang-Bang. Which skin do you like? Please write in the comments column.



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