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Guide, Tutorial, Tips, Tricks Mirror Mode Mobile Legends

Mirror Mode is a mode where Mobile Legends players choose the same 1 hero to use in the game. Heroes are selected by voting, where the hero with the most votes will be used. Even though using the same hero, build items, emblems, battle spells, and skins can still be different. In this mirror mode, the most important thing is cohesiveness so that it doesn’t spread when there is a war. Always try to be together with your teammates so as not to be hit by gang attacks by the opposing party. Be careful if the enemy hero has a stun skill, especially if the stun is more than 1 skill because if it is hit once, the enemy can take turns issuing stun skills until the hero we are using dies. Here are some tutorials, tips and tricks on how to play mirror mode in Mobile Legends.

1. Hero Selection

Use the marksman hero if you are sure that you can hold the enemy in the late game because the marksman hero’s damage is not really felt in the early game or mid game but is very painful and even unmatched in the late game. If you believe you can quickly defeat the enemy, use a hero fighter or assassin. It’s better not to use tank heroes because they usually have less damage and are not designed for damage dealers. Hero mages other than Cyclops are not recommended because the hero mage damage is large but only relies on skills and the skill delay is long enough so that it will be difficult if the enemy uses a fighter hero, especially one that can stun like Martis. Hero support is also better not to be chosen because there is no damage and small defense.

2. Build Gear
Use a combination of gear according to the opponent’s hero type. If your opponent uses a mage-type hero, don’t forget to buy magic resistance items such as Athena Shield and Oracle to reduce your opponent’s magic damage.

3. Compactness
The key to victory in this mirror mode is cohesiveness so that the more compact against the enemy, the victory is in sight.