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Guide, Tutorial, Build Gear, and How to Play the Strongest, Sickest, Best Gusion in Mobile Legends

Gusion is a tough assassin hero who is often banned when playing in draft pick mode such as ranked games. In addition to using it which is not too difficult, Gusion can also run away quickly after removing his skills. The ultimate skill is also able to refresh the cooldown of the first skill and the second skill. This is what makes Gusion even more feared even though Gusion does not have immunity like Lancelot or the ultimate skill without delay (cooldown) when he manages to kill an opponent like Karina. The damage is very painful like an assassin in general when all the gear is ready. Gusion attacks his opponent with magic power so that the gear used by Gusion is also a magic gear. Use battle spell retribution to help Gusion hunt to level up faster, also use mage emblems to strengthen his attacks. Here’s a Guide, Tutorial, Build Gear, and How to Play Gusion in Mobile Legends.

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Early Game (Levels 1-8)
At the beginning of the game, buy hunting items to increase the experience gained from monsters in the forest so that Gusion can level up faster when hunting in the forest. For skills, it’s okay to take skill 1 (Sword Spike) or 2 (Shadowblade Slaughter), the point is to take turns taking the skill. Take the magic power buff in the upper lane then kill the monster above near the bushes, then immediately go to the top lane to kill the opponent’s creep, then kill the crab monster to get additional gold. Don’t forget to take the ultimate skill (Incandescence) after Gusion reaches level 4. Stay focused on hunting, if necessary check the opponent’s forest and kill the monsters that are still alive, but if the tower is pushed by the opposing hero, help our teammates who are defending the tower so that the tower is not destroyed by the opposing team. After Gusion reaches level 8, take the ultimate skill level 2.

Mid Game (Levels 9-12)
In the mid game, some of Gusion’s gear should be ready so that Gusion is strong enough for a solo turtle or a 1 on 1 duel with an opponent’s marksman or assassin. Do a turtle solo if there is a chance (2 or more opposing heroes die), if necessary ask a teammate for help to help kill the turtle to get additional gold and exp. Kill the opponent’s hero who is alone, especially the one whose HP or blood is low so that the gear doesn’t turn out fast. If the opponent’s hero’s gear becomes fast, then we will find it increasingly difficult to fight it, especially if the gear is a marksman hero because the damage is very painful. After Gusion is level 12, take the ultimate skill level 3.

Late Game (Levels 13-15)
In the late game, focus on push towers and war, but if any of our towers are attacked, guard the tower first before attacking the opposing team’s tower. Buy magic potions to increase Gusion’s magic damage. Aim for the opponent’s marksman or assassin first during war because their damage is usually the most painful. If there are already 2 or 3 dead opposing heroes, quickly kill the lord together with the team, then wait for the lord to appear and escort the lord to the opponent’s base.

Build Gear Gusion

Magic Shoes

Increases movement speed by 40 and reduces skill cooldown time by 10%

Fleeting Time

Reduces cooldown time by 10% and also adds 70 magic power and 15 mana regen. In addition, the cooldown time will be reduced by 20% if you manage to get a kill or assist.

Concentrated Energy

Adds 30% lifesteal to Gusion when using skills, adds 70 magic power and 700 HP.

Glowing Wand
Adds 75 magic power, 5% movement speed, 15 magic penetration and burn effect on the opponent after being hit by the Gusion skill

Holy Crystal

Adds 90 magic power and 25% magic power.

Blood Wings

Adds 150 magic power and HP.

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