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Guide, Tutorial, Build, and How to Play Argus in Mobile Legends

Argus is a Fighter type hero who is quite tough but is rarely used in ranked games. His ultimate skill (Eternal Evil) is able to make him unable to die for 5 seconds (but his blood can still decrease so use it if Argus’s blood/HP is dying) and as long as his ultimate skill is active, Argus has a lifesteal ability that can make Argus’ HP full again after the skill is finished using. However, the cooldown of Argus’ ultimate skill is quite long, which is 80 seconds for level 1, 65 seconds for level 2, and 50 seconds for level 3. Therefore, use the ultimate skill only when you are really desperate. Argus also has a passive skill (Warmonger) where he will attack 2 times after the attack bar is full. The bar is filled when Argus attacks or is attacked by an opponent. Argus’ first skill (Demonic Grip) can be used to chase opponents or to escape. After the Demonic Grip skill or Argus’ first skill hits the opponent, it can be continued with skill 2 (Meteoric Sword) to reduce the opponent’s HP. Use the assassin or fighter emblem for Argus so that the damage to the opponent’s hero is more pronounced. For battle spells use flickr. Here’s a Guide, Tutorial, Build, and How to Play Argus in Mobile Legends.


Early Game (Levels 1-8)
In the early game, take skill 2 first for hunting in the forest. After level 2 take the first skill, and when it reaches level 4 immediately take the ultimate skill. If necessary, buy hunting items at the beginning of the game to increase the experience gained from the monsters killed by Argus. Focus on maintaining the tower in the top lane or bottom lane. Be careful of the bushes because there could be enemies hiding there. In the early game it is not recommended to attack the opponent’s tower, it is better to use the time available for hunting in the forest because Argus damage is not too pronounced to the tower and the tower will not be destroyed. It is better to use the available time for hunting in the forest so that Argus’ level rises quickly so that Argus’ damage to the tower is more pronounced and the tower can be destroyed quickly. However, if there are teammates who help attack the tower, attack when you reach level 6. It’s not necessarily the tower will be destroyed, but if it reaches level 6, the damage to the tower is quite pronounced and at least half the HP of the opponent’s tower is left. Immediately retreat if there is an opposing hero who comes close to the opposing tower that we are attacking. Take the ultimate skill level 2 when Argus reaches level 8. Use the ultimate skill if Argus is attacked at the same time and can’t escape. If you can run away when attacked in a group by your opponent, it’s better to just run away without using Ultimate skills (use skill 1 and flickr to escape).

Mid Game (Levels 9-12)

Stay focused on defending the tower, don’t forget to take the ultimate skill level 3 when Argus is level 12. If needed, open war together with the tank hero in the team. Use skill 1 for open war then target the attack on the opponent’s marksman. If the opponent’s hero runs away, use flickr to get close to him or if it’s impossible to catch up, use flickr to retreat.

Late Game (Levels 13-15)

Focus on pushing the opponent’s tower and war if needed. Do not war if alone or the number is not balanced with the opposing team. As much as possible don’t push the tower alone when the opponent’s hero is not visible on the map because they could be waiting for Argus to be attacked together. Buy attack potions in the late game to increase Argus’ damage, or buy defense potions to make Argus thicker and stronger to withstand the opponent’s attacks.

Guide Build Gear Argus

Haas Claw
To increase the lifesteal ability on Argus and add 70 physical attack points to Argus

Warrior Boots

Increases Argus’ armor and movement speed

Scarlet Phantom

Increases Argus attack speed up to 40%

Berserkers Fury
Increase critical chance and critical damage Argus

2 x Blade of Despair
Increases Argus damage so it hurts (1 blade of despair adds 170 Argus physical attack points)

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