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Guide, Tutorial, Build, and How to Play Balmond in Mobile Legends

Balmond is a semi-Tank Fighter hero which is often used in ranked games because it is quite easy to use. This hero has a passive skill of 4% HP regen after killing minions and 10% HP regen after killing the opponent’s hero. Balmond’s ultimate skill can also instantly kill the opponent’s hero with thin or dying blood. Balmond’s terrible skin also makes him look so strong and not easy to beat. Use battle spell flickr and tank emblems so that Balmond is thick and can escape with flickr when attacked in groups by the opposing team. If flickr is still lacking, Balmond can still use skill one to run away or chase opponents.


Early Game (Levels 1-8)
At the beginning of the game, take skill 2 (Cyclone Sweep) first because the first skill doesn’t really work, especially in the forest or killing creeps. Help a teammate who is hunting in the forest with skill 2 that was taken earlier but don’t take the buff because Balmond doesn’t need it, so when the monster blood for the buff is low or dying, don’t attack him again and let our teammates attack him. After Balmond level 2 take skill 1 that has not been taken. Kill the creeps in the lane where Balmond is guarding the tower. After level 4 take the ultimate skill. If a friend on another lane needs immediate help, especially if the enemy’s blood is low, there’s no need to hesitate to immediately use the ultimate skill on the opponent’s hero so that the opponent’s hero is killed instantly.

Mid Game (Levels 9-12)

Stay focused on guarding the tower, if there is a team hero who attacks the turtle, help if the tower can be left for a while. Watch out for group attacks from the other side. Don’t forget to take the ultimate skill at level 12.

Late Game (Levels 13-15)

In war in the late game, focus on attacking the opponent’s marksman or assassin first. Protect our team’s marksman hero if needed because marksman is usually the target of the opponent’s assassin. Buy defense potions to increase Balmond’s defense.

Build Gear Balmond

Warrior Boots
Increases physical armor and movement speed of Balmond

Cursed Helmet

Deal Damage to nearby enemies including enemy heroes and minions


Reduces skill cooldown time and Increases resistance to magic attacks

Blade Armor
Adding the opponent’s physical armor and basic attack counters

Rise from the dead after being killed by an opponent (Cooldown Time 180 seconds)

Heart of Steel
Increases armor, HP, and reduces crit damage by 20%

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