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Guide Johnson the Forbidden Tank Hero in Mobile Legends

Johnson is the only tank that is often banned at this time because of his ultimate skill, which is when he becomes a car and can be boarded by his teammates. Not only that, Johnson also has a passive shield skill that will activate when the blood is low, making this hero a very difficult tank to beat.


At the beginning of the game, take skill 1 (Deadly Pincers) first because it can hit enemies who are some distance away and stun the opponent. Skill 2 (Electromag Rays) was raised recently because it only works at close range and the damage from this skill is also not much. Don’t forget to take the ultimate Rapid Touchdown skill when it reaches level 4. This skill is very useful and usually when used with a teammate will be very deadly. Use the Ultimate skill, then allow a teammate (dealer damage) to get into the car, then aim at the enemy and then crash so that the enemy will stun. At that time attack as fast as possible and use all skills until the enemy dies. When using the ultimate skill, Johnson’s car movement cannot be braked, like a racing car that does not have brakes and must be collided to be able to stop. How to drive it is analog on the smartphone screen. Indeed, to drive it requires practice and learning first because the speed of Johnson’s car is fast enough that if you are not careful you can hit an obstacle in the middle of the trip.

Item Build

Warrior Boots
In addition to increasing movement speed, these shoes also add armor. Very suitable for tank-type heroes like Johnson.

Dominance Ice

Functions to increase mana and armor and reduce the possibility of critical damage from enemies to Johnson. In addition, it can reduce 15% cooldown skills and slow down the opponent’s movement speed.


in addition to increasing HP and HP Regen, the oracle also increases resistance to magic attacks so that magic attacks that hit Johnson’s dammage will decrease. This item also reduces Johnson’s skill cooldown by 10%.

Blade Armor

This item is very useful when facing a hero who uses physical attacks because it can do 25% counter damage to the opponent’s hero.

Wings of the Apocalypse Queen

with this item. when Johnson’s HP is less than 40%, Johnson’s damage can be reduced by 40%. With this item, Johnson’s skill cooldown is reduced by another 10% so that the skills that have been used can be used more quickly.

Bloodthirsty King

As the name implies, bloodthirsty king, if he gets an assist or kill, then Johnson automatically regenerates 20% HP within 5 seconds, but this effect has a cooldown of 10 seconds. This item also adds HP Johnson 1550 so that it is more difficult to beat.

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