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Guide Build Ruby Mobile Legends (Ability, Gear, Skill, Emblem, Battle Spell) Strongest and Best

Ruby is one of the female heroes in the Mobile Legends game who uses a sickle weapon. The specialty or advantage of Ruby is that her skill is a skill area and Ruby’s lifesteal is large enough to make it difficult to beat. Use the Fighter emblem and battle spell flickr to make Ruby stronger and harder to beat in the game. This is the Guide to Build the Strongest and Best Ruby Mobile Legends (Ability, Gear, Skill, Emblem, Battle Spell).

Ruby Skills

Let’s dance! (Passive)
Ruby has a physical lifesteal from her skills that will be felt when using a lifesteal item/gear.

Be good!
Ruby uses her scythe to attack the opponent in front of her then jumps forward and reduces their movement speed for 2 seconds.

Don’t run
Ruby uses her scythe to attack 2 times

I’m offended! (Ultimate)
Ruby uses her scythe to draw enemies in a certain area near Ruby and then stuns them for a moment

Ruby Skill and Attack Combo

Advance towards the opponent or attack the opponent in front of Ruby using skill 1 (Be good!), after that use the ultimate skill to pull it, then end with skill 2 (Don’t run!).

Ruby Playing Strategy

Early Games
Buy jungle items to hunt in the forest to level up Ruby faster. Take skills 1 and 2 alternately, but prioritize taking the ultimate skill. Help teammates to take down or up buffs. It’s better not to open war if you are alone or have not reached level 4.

Mid Game
Stay focused on guarding the tower and hunting in the forest after clear lane. Go to turtle with teammates to beat him to get extra exp and gold.

Late Game
Be careful of assassins or marksman whose damage is already very painful in the late game. Sell ​​jungle items then buy Wings of The Apocalypse Queen. Buy attack potions to increase Ruby’s damage. When a war occurs, be ready behind the tank to immediately go forward and pull and beat the opponent. Defeat Lord when 2 or more members of the opposing team die.

Ruby Gear Build Guide

Rapid Boots
Increases Ruby’s movement speed significantly

Endless Battle
Increase physical attack damage, mana regen, HP, cooldown reduction, movement speed, lifesteal

Haas Claw
Increases physical attack damage and lifesteal effects

Rose Gold Meteor
Increases physical attack damage, magic resistance, lifesteal, and shield effect (shield only appears when the hero’s HP is below 30% and has a cooldown of 40 seconds)

Demon’s Advent
Increases HP, HP regen, physical armor, and reduces enemy attack damage for 2 seconds when the enemy attacks

Wings of the Apocalypse Queen
Increases physical attack damage, HP, cooldown reduction, and increases the lifesteal effect when the hero’s HP is below 50%.

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