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Guide Build Irithel Full Damage Painful and Best 2021

Currently, Irithel is the only marksman hero who can attack enemies with basic attacks while moving. This ability is very useful when Irithel is being chased by a melee hero such as a fighter or assassin so that Irithel can still attack the hero while moving backwards. Don’t forget to set the battle spell to Inspire or Flickr. If you want to focus on hunting in the forest, you can use Retribution but it’s not recommended, it’s better to take Inspire because Marksman is targeted to have big damage, especially in the late game, and if the enemy uses Inspire while Irithel doesn’t use it, you might lose the war just because of a battle spell. here
Guide Build Irithel Full Damage The Painful and Best 2021.


Early Game (Level 1-8) At the beginning of the game, take skill 1 first, buy a hunt item then take the buff at the bottom, then immediately go to the mid line. Focus on guarding the tower, if possible do hunting in the forest. When the upper or lower line needs help, immediately help. Keep your distance if you meet a fighter or assassin type hero so you don’t get hit by the attack. Don’t forget to take the ultimate skill when it’s level 4 because this skill serves to increase Irithel’s basic attack damage and is very useful when fighting enemy heroes. In addition, if in a state of urgency such as being suddenly attacked, this ultimate skill can also be used to escape by directing Irithel to jump back.

Mid Game (Levels 9-12)
Stay focused on guarding the tower, but if there is an opportunity, push the part of the line where the tower is not guarded. If possible do a turtle solo to get extra exp and gold. At level 12, take the highest level ultimate skill. With this, Irithel’s damage should be quite painful even though it’s not perfect. The ultimate skill can be used for solo turtles if needed.

Late Game (Levels 13-15)
In the late game, focus on pushing the opponent’s tower along with other team members. Be careful when guarding the tower alone, because there could be an opposing team hiding in the bushes or grass. When there is a team that is attacked by an opponent or there is a war, immediately join and focus on hitting the opponent’s hero with the greatest damage first (usually marksman or assassin) then followed by other heroes, the tank can be attacked last. If there are still hunt items purchased in the early game , sell and then buy Blade of Despair, if there is still some left, buy potions to increase attack.

Guide Build Gear Irithel

Haas Claw
Functions for lifesteal so that Irithel is not easily defeated and does not need to go back and forth to base to refill blood.

Swift Boots
Can increase movement speed and attack speed of Irithel

Scarlet Phantom
Increases Irithel’s attack speed by 40%

Berserkers Fury
Increase critical chance and critical damage Irithel

Increases attack speed, movement speed, and critical chance. If needed, Windtalker can be replaced with other items such as Deadly Blade or Rose Gold Meteor or Blade of Despair.

Blade of Despair
Increases physical attack 170 points

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