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Guide Build Grock Mobile Legends (Gear, Emblem, Battle Spell, Tutorial, How to Play) the Strongest and Best in

Grock is a rock-like hero who has a fairly high defense and a fairly strong attack power from his skills. Grock can also create a wall that can block the opponent’s hero from escaping. This wall is also useful for preventing Johnson from attacking suddenly and crashing which causes the team formation to be chaotic and disband. Use tank emblems to make Grock thicker and battle spell Flickr to help Grock when chasing opponents or running away. Here’s the Strongest and Best Grock Build Guide (Gear, Emblem, Tutorial, How to Play) in Mobile Legends.

Grock Skills

Ancestral Gift (Passive)
When Grock is close to a wall or turret, Grock will get additional movement speed, physical resistance, magic, and HP regen.

Power of Nature
Grock will get bigger with the length of time the skill charge. The longer the charge is carried out, the greater the damage.

Guardian’s Barrier
Shoots a shockwave in the direction specified by the player then the shockwave will turn into a wall that can block the hero’s movement.

Wild Charge (Ultimate)
Grock will slide forward in a certain direction. Hitting a wall or wall will increase damage to nearby enemies and reduce the cooldown time of this skill.

Grock’s Attack and Skill Combo

First, hide in the grass to charge skill 1, if the charge is almost complete, immediately advance towards the opponent and release skill 1. after that drive the opponent so as not to run away using skill 2, then hit and end with skill 3 (Ultimate).

Grock Play Strategy

Early Games
At the beginning of the game, take skill 1 (Power of Nature) to help Grock attack the opponent. Help team members who take buffs by helping attack buff monsters. Don’t join the attack again when the buff monster’s blood is running low, let team members get the last hit. After that, hurry to the top or bottom lane to kill minions or creeps. Focus on taking skill 1 and ultimate, if there are remaining points then take skill 2.

Mid Game
Stay focused on keeping the tower from the opponent’s attack, spam skill 1 towards the opponent and if necessary use the ultimate skill for open war and hit several opponents at once. Use flickr if there is an opponent who has little HP left and is trying to run away.

Late Game
In the late game Grock needs to be wary of enemy marksman and assassin whose damage is already very painful. Use skill 2 to block the opponent’s attack or prevent the opponent from escaping. Buy potion tanks to increase Grock’s defense to make it harder and invincible.

Guide Build Gear Grock

Rapid Boots
Increases Grock’s movement speed significantly

Blade Armor
Increases physical armor and counter effect 25% of the opponent’s physical attack

Cursed Helmet
Increases magic resistance, HP, and deal magic damage to nearby enemies

Athena Shield
Adding HP, HP regen, magic resistance and shield

Twilight Armor
Adding HP, Mana, and HP Regen

Added magic resistance and immortality effects, namely rising from the dead (cooldown 180 seconds)

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