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Guide Build Gear,Tutorials,How to Play Pharsa/Fasha The Sickest,Strongest,Best in Mobile Legends

Pharsa is a mage-type hero who has a short ultimate skill delay and the ability to turn into fog and increase movement speed. Painful damage, fast skill delay, large ultimate area, and the ability to move quickly make Pharsa one of the most feared mages. Use the mage emblem and battle spell flickr for Pharsa. This is the Build Gear Guide, Tutorial, How to Play the Painful, Strongest, Best Pharsa in Mobile Legends.

Pharsa Skills

Spiritual Unity
Once in a while, Verri enters a hunting state which makes Pharsa get additional magic damage and slow effects to the opponent when attacking the opponent

Wings by Wings
The passive effect of this skill increases Pharsa’s magic power, while when activated, it can turn into fog and get a significant increase in movement speed. Use this skill again to return to Pharsa’s original form.

Energy Impact
Casts energy magic that attacks the opponent in a straight line.

Feathered Air Strike
Pharsa can attack enemies from a distance in a large enough area.

Pharsa Playing Strategy

Early Games
Take skill 1 at the beginning of the game so that Pharsa can move quickly. Skill 1 is taken first because the damage from skill 2 is not too big and the delay is also long enough so that the effect is not felt in the game. After taking the skill, help your teammates in taking buffs or you can immediately go to the top or bottom lane to keep the tower from creeps or minions and enemy heroes. Take skills 1 and 2 alternately when leveling up, but still prioritize ultimate skills because Pharsa’s main damage is only from ultimate skills.

Mid Game
Stay focused on guarding the tower by utilizing the ultimate skill. If there is an opportunity, invite teammates to kill and defeat turtles to get additional exp and gold for the team.

Late Game
Be careful of the opponent’s assassins or marksman because their damage is very painful in the late game. Buy magic potions to increase Pharsa’s magic power. When a war occurs, if possible hide in the grass so that the opponent has difficulty finding Pharsa’s position. Avoid advancing alone or on the front lines as this can kill Pharsa from being attacked by a group or gang. When an opponent tries to attack, immediately use skill 1 to escape.

Guide Build Gear Pharsa

Lightning Truncheon
Added magic power, mana, and cooldown reduction

Arcane Boots
Increase movement speed and magic penetration

Glowing Wand
Adds magic power, HP, movement speed, and burn effects to opponents when Pharsa uses skills

Holy Crystal
Add magic power

Devil Tears
Add magic power and magic penetration

Blood Wings
Increase magic power and HP significantly

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